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Photos from Simple Booth live in Galleries that encourage sharing and engagement after the event is over. Guests receive a link to their photo in the context of your Gallery and are prompted with sharing options and a path to view more photos.

HALO photo booth software


Photos can be viewed in the HTML5 web app or on the native iOS app.


Any layout or GIF will look great in your Gallery. You can even mix and match different layouts into the same Gallery.

Real-time engagement

New photos appear in the Gallery as they are uploaded so people can see what's happening now.

Date filter

If you have a permanent install or a long-term campaign, visitors to your Gallery can easily sort by date to find their photo from that night when they had a little too much fun.

Privacy options

Make your Gallery public, unlisted or private. It's your choice how the photos from your HALO are viewed.

Moderation tools

After photos are uploaded but before they appear in the Gallery or are sent out to guests, you can approve or moderate each photo individual.

Art World photo booth

Art World

Created February 17th, 2018

111 photos

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Pigment photo booth


Created June 17th, 2017

35,500+ photos

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South Congress Hotel photo booth

South Congress Hotel

Created February 4th, 2016

3,347 photos

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More Features

App Features

Galleries Photos from Simple Booth live in Galleries that encourages sharing and engagement after the event is over. Lead Capture New leads fuel your sales funnel, which is why collecting it is a core feature in the HALO product. Green Screen Make guests feel like movie stars by putting them into the action with Green Screen. Brand Touchpoints Reinforce your brand from the moment guests see the booth to when their friends see it shared online. Analytics We balance a fun user experience with the demands of data-driven marketers, who need tracking to prove ROI. Live Feed Live Feed is an exciting, real-time image grid of the latest photos from HALO that you can project on a wall or TV. Digital Props Using the latest in face detection technology, guests can enjoy an augmented reality with fun digital props.

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