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Permanent Installations

Install a photo booth in your business as a permanent fixture. Our world-class photo booth platform allows your customers to take stunning photos through an exciting, branded experience that you control. Install HALO using our custom wall mount, download the HALO app onto your iPad, then create your look with customizable options.

Case Study

Citizen Bar
+ Lounge

Citizen Bar has a permanently installed HALO that increases social traffic and creates an exciting and fun reason for guests to keep coming back.

"Simple Booth and the HALO unit has been integral to the overwhelming success of Citizen Bar. We're so, so pleased with what it's been able to capture and deliver." - Imran, Partner

HALO is our ring light hardware that pairs with the HALO app to transform your business or event into an interactive, social photo experience that your guests will love to share.

Photobooth HALO HALO Simple Booth

Compact & Reliable

Enjoy all day use as HALO charges your iPad while it’s connected. The app also queues uploads when internet is slow, and the hardware comes with a 1 year warranty.

Easy To Use

HALO is extremely portable, lightweight, and can be assembled in under a minute. It can also be mounted on a wall or stand.

Fun & Social

The dimmable ring light draws people in and makes your photos look great. HALO can also be used in portrait or landscape to create unique layouts.

The most powerful photo booth app available today.

The HALO app let's you create premium photo experiences and is the perfect companion to our HALO hardware.


Our iPad app allows you to upload your logo, create custom overlays, and select colors for complete brand control over your photo booth. See All Features


Guests can share photos instantly via social media, text or email. Photos are also automatically uploaded to a custom online Gallery where they can be viewed, shared or displayed as a live feed during your event. See All Features


Our app lets you view real-time analytics about your events, monitor views, social shares, and grow your marketing lists. You can also share app licenses among team members to make managing your events even easier. See All Features

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Get in touch with us to receive a demo, place an order or talk to our team. Pricing varies based on your configuration and subscription choice. Hardware starts at $2,600 per unit and software starts at just $29 per month. We provide discounts if you are purchasing more than one unit. Just looking to rent? Visit our Rentals page here.

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