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The complete photo booth solution

HALO integrates robust hardware, an intuitive iPad app and sophisticated online platform to deliver a seamless and modern photo booth solution. Optimized lighting and social technology come together in HALO to create a visually-stunning, unforgettable experience for your guests.

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Built to Engage

We've obsessed over every curve and surface of HALO to make it the most revolutionary photo booth product on the market today. The iPad enclosure is precision-machined from a single billet of aluminum and satin anodized for unrivaled durability.

US Patents #9740083, #D794036, D785637 Designed in Austin, TX

HALO dimensions

6.5 lbs Lightweight

1 min Quick setup

Fast Integrated charging

1 year Reliable warranty

HALO Close up HALO Close ups
HALO case

Professional grade stand

The sturdy HALO stand comes with an adjustable riser and provides a low center of gravity, so you don't have to worry about leaving it unattended. Wall mounts and other mounting options are available, too.

Transportation case

We offer a custom-fitted, heavy-duty case with wheels for convenient transport and secure storage.

Extremely Versatile

Adapts to any environment

HALO can be set up quickly on a stand, installed on a wall, mounted in a car or suspended from the ceiling. The possibilities are limitless. We've designed our mounting system to work in almost any environment.

Industry-Leading Software

HALO is built for brands and businesses

The HALO app for iPad delivers an intuitive user experience and premium photo features for guests, while providing you with all of the customization and management options you expect from an enterprise software system. This includes a web platform to plan, design, and manage your events, host your photos in branded galleries and report on marketing performance.

Views and engagement are tracked through a unique short URL for each photo, including shares to Facebook and Twitter. The HALO iPad app also provides tools for you to manage basic settings and network connectivity on the fly at your event.

Enterprise Features

  • Photos, GIFs, & Videos
  • Online Galleries
  • Email, Text, & QR Delivery
  • Social Sharing
  • Green Screen
  • Live Feed
  • Lead & Data Capture
  • Brand Moderation
  • Analytics

Intuitive User Experience

Let the app do all the work

Simplicity is in our DNA and it’s what makes our platform so successful. Guests go through a streamlined process and get their photo instantly to their phone, leaving plenty of time for everyone to take and share multiple photos from your event.

Connected App

Expand the reach of your events

The Simple Booth app for iPhone links your guests' photos into their own personal feed from your business or events. This leads to re-engagement and sharing long after the experience is over. It’s also another way to stay top-of-mind with your audience. Plus, you can make your galleries public to be featured in the app and discovered by other users.

HALO Software scaling
* International texting available in select countries.

Built to Scale

Join the photo booth movement

No photo booth app can match the features and flexibility of HALO. The beauty lies in the details. HALO handles critical tasks behind the scenes so you never have to worry, like sending large volumes of text* messages, emails, and auto-scaling our servers to handle spikes in usage, such as when a celebrity shares a photo.

Simple Booth processes hundreds of thousands of uploads per week, so you can count on us to be there for you every step of the way.

HALO for iPad is translated and localized into multiple languages.

Grow Your Business

Visual word-of-mouth marketing

The popularity of selfie walls, selfie stations and selfie mirrors is exploding - and for good reason. Whether you're a small business with a budding brand that’s ready to explode onto your customers' social feeds, or an agency planning an experiential marketing activation for a Fortune 500 client, HALO has been crafted with all of the premium features and reliability you need.

What our customers are saying

"Easy to use, great product, awesome client services."

MMMarch M.

"Simple Booth is so easy to use and is a great way to get event guests to interact with one another."

DGDarl G.

"It's the most brandable interface allowing you to take full control of your events photos and sharing."

EHEric H.

"Your software is perfect."

BRBruno R.

"It's a great app and my guests have so much fun."

IHIvooo H.

"Because our patients love it - so do we!"

KDKelley D.

"Works very well - a very good one stop solution for photo booths."

DRDennis R.

"It is a great application and easy to use!"

STSusan T.

"It is easy to use and a very fun add on to events. I have used it at several events and everyone has enjoyed it."

BHBrandi H.

"It's super easy, versatile, and really fun! I've had several parties and functions where we used Simple Booth, and it was a hit! The guests love the ability to email or text themselves their photos, and we have even set up DropBox to stream on a TV for a live slideshow of photos. LOVE!"

DMDeanna M.

"Set up was so easy and convenient and we loved the photo gallery we got post event. It added so much fun to our event!"

KHKelsey H.

"Great product. Great technical support."

EREliseo R.

"It's easy to use and is so much fun! And also I finally don't have to build up a mini studio to set up a photo booth. Just some light and the iPad. That's it."

MBMorayma B.

"Simple Booth is just that... Simple to operate but such a value added addition to your event!"

PTPaula T.

"It's simple, cost effective and it just works. Support is also excellent."

AKAndrew K.

"Love the simplicity of the app."

OMOliver M.

"I LOVE SIMPLE BOOTH!! But I make money with it in my business so I'm not going to tell anyone about it."

SHShana H.

"User friendly. Awesome templates. And overall great app."

CKCathy K.

"Very satisfied with Simple Booth. I love it!"

NGNash G.

"This has been such a success at all of the parties we have done. Everyone absolutely loves the photo booth."

ARAndrea R.

"It does everything I'd want a photo booth app to do."

LKLucas K.

"Very easy to use product with a nice, simple, attractive design that draws people to it."

BHBrian H.

"Simple Booth is the best photo booth app on the market."

SHSamantha H.

"I have already recommended Simple Booth to a few friends and my employer loved it so much they want to use it for marketing at their events."

EEEmmit E.

"We love this app and use it when we can for all kinds of functions. So easy to use and teach others to use without a lot of hands on."

KBKent B.

"Great product, easy to set up and use. Simple for users, seems very intuitive."

RWRon W.

"It has given me the opportunity to start my own business for a reasonable cost. It's so easy to use and guests love it!"

SCSamantha C.

"This is the perfect photo booth app!! I've used it for a number of parties, everyone always loves the photo booth. I love that they can get the pictures to themselves-by themselves. I don't have to spend a day sending them all out. And it leaves me with fun copies to see how much fun everyone had :). I love this app. ❤️"

CMCorrine M.

"I like all the customization options and the user interface is really clean and straightforward so that I can set-up an unmanned booth at all my family parties."

DTDaena T.

"Simple and fun!... a great engaging element to a corporate or personal event."

SCSophie C.

"I've recommended Simple Booth to several people. It's convenient, user friendly, and I love the ability to email pics to anyone as soon as they're taken!"

PKPolly K.

"Love the simple dashboard, great for interacting with guests and easy app."

TFTaisia F.

"Holy moly! I love Simple Booth! So easy to use, such great results!"

SBStephanie B.

"It is easy to use. Set up is easy also. I love the lock out feature, and you don't need to be a professional to use it."

KWKristy W.

"Easy to use and easy to acquire equipment needed to make your very own photo booth a success! We have used it at a number of gatherings and it is always a hit!"

GGGena G.

"It's awesome. The best iOS purchase I've ever made! Easy to use. Great features."

JRJamey R.

"I absolutely love it! It serves all my event needs! Once you use it once, it's easy and it's perfect for capturing party photos, etc..."

SUStephanie U.

"It’s the easiest, simplest, and most well designed photo booth app I’ve used."

GHGreg H.

"It's awesome and so simple! We love it!"

JGJennifer G.

"Speedy service and a reliable product with good analytics."

NKNikki K.

"Very easy to use, my clients love it, and intuitive design and functionality."

CWConnor W.

"Simple Booth is such a cool idea. I've been showing it to everyone!"

LLLaurie L.

"It's super user friendly and just great for events. And the few times I have needed help, customer support was very helpful."

KAKelli A.

"It's a great way for people to interact and engage at your events. Gets all of our clients excited."

LSLauren S.

"It is a super app that fits 100% to our customers needs. It's simple, lightweight, easy to use and has a lot of very useful features for a perfect customer experience."

TKTobias K.

"Knowledgeable Simplicity makes all the difference and you guys got it."

RRRichard R.

"Simple Booth has worked flawlessly at all my events."

DHDan H.

"It's fun, easy to use and easy to get on our phones to share!"

EPEmily P.

"Easy to assemble on your own! Halo light makes everyone look great."

LPLauren P.

"Simple Booth is just that... Simple to operate but such a value added addition to your event!"

PMPaula M.

"It’s extremely easy to use and has helped create wonderful memories for friends and family at a variety of events!"

AKAnna K.

"Used it for a bridal shower photo booth and it worked great. Everyone thought it was great!"

SBSusan B.

"Super easy app to navigate with lots of options."

KHKaren H.

"Great product, easy to use."

GCGreg C.

"Great customer service!"

KLKrisy L.

"Because it’s well made and easy to use. Plus the support I have received so far has been exceptional."

PEPaul E.

"Very easy to use and guests love it."

DSDela S.

"The instruction on how to build a DIY photo booth were simple and the photo booth has been a huge success in our office."

KTKristie T.

"Great product and great support."

GFGolnoosh F.

"The app worked great and the customer service was very responsive to requests."

MLMark L.

"The best photo booth in the World!"

TKTobias K.

"Awesome interactive booth and amazing team of professionals. Super responsive and top notch service. Love Simple Booth!"

KBKate B.

"10 - It is a beautiful and functional piece of hardware and amazingly intuitive and user friendly software and the support team is incredibly responsive. All of our customers love interacting with our Halo photo booth."

AMAndrew M.

"It is the perfect economic solution to fill the ever growing need for shareable media content of an event."

DDDel D.
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