Photo booths don't have to be big, complicated or hard to set up.

Simple Booth brings the real photo booth experience to iPad with easy-to-use apps and hardware.

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Our premium, compact photo booth solution is getting people talking.

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We’ve made it so simple to set up your own do-it-yourself photo booth on a budget. Here’s all you need.

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Now is the time to take advantage of the incredible explosion of online photo sharing to grow your business.

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We have apps for every occasion, starting at the price of free.

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What customers are saying about Simple Booth

  • After months of searching I've finally found exactly what I've been looking for in a photo booth app. This app is simple, to the point, and very professional.

  • After a lot of research and review I decided to spend the money on this app. The simple interface allows guests of all ages to use the photo booth with little-to-no instructions.

  • Awesome app! Used this for a DIY photo booth at a fundraiser with approx. 250 guests this evening. Guests loved being able to post immediately to Facebook and email the photos to themselves and their friends.

    -AB in SB
  • Being a professional photographer and having worked in the industry for over 30 years, this app has to be the most brilliant one I've found. After spending over 6 years researching all types of photo booths, this is the winner!

    -Marrez Imaging
  • Absolutely fantastic update. Love the simplicity and versatility. It just works. And works well. Nothing complicated. Easy to use. Stable. And looks cool. A must for your next event.

  • Forget the reviews regarding it being 'not free'... Of course it's not! This is a replacement for the $1500 dollars you would spend with a photo booth company!