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For clicks and taps, we've got your back. Simple Booth is built for big data and marketing visibility. We've tuned an intuitive and fun user experience to the demands of data-driven marketers, who need tracking and attribution to prove ROI at the end of the day.

HALO photo booth software

Clicks, views and impressions

We track views and engagement for each upload so you can see how much traffic your Gallery is generating and where it came from.

Facebook stats

We poll Facebook for the number of comments, shares and reactions for each photo to see how much engagement the Gallery as a whole received.

Location-based data

Are you deploying across geographies? View where in the world your photos are coming from.


Find out not just how many photos were taken, but how many people participated in the photos and their estimated age and gender.

More Features

App Features

Galleries Photos from Simple Booth live in Galleries that encourages sharing and engagement after the event is over. Lead Capture New leads fuel your sales funnel, which is why collecting it is a core feature in the HALO product. Green Screen Make guests feel like movie stars by putting them into the action with Green Screen. Brand Touchpoints Reinforce your brand from the moment guests see the booth to when their friends see it shared online. Analytics We balance a fun user experience with the demands of data-driven marketers, who need tracking to prove ROI. Live Feed Live Feed is an exciting, real-time image grid of the latest photos from HALO that you can project on a wall or TV. Digital Props Using the latest in face detection technology, guests can enjoy an augmented reality with fun digital props.

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