Set up a photo booth in minutes

You've got an iPad. You found this page. You're halfway to setting up a DIY photo booth for your next party. This photo booth setup uses the iPad's front-facing camera so your guests can touch the screen and create awesome photo layouts or GIFs with a live preview and no need for babysitting. You can even let them share or print photos! Just follow these five simple steps.

Event Edition Simple Booth

Acquire the app

Most photo booth apps are made for personal use, not for hundreds of photo-lovin' guests. Simple Booth Event Edition is the exact opposite. It was designed to run for hours at live events and make setting up a DIY photo booth fun and easy. We're also a little partial to it cause we sort of made it. It's available on the App Store for a little sugar.


Install the iPad

There are a lot of great cases you can slap your iPad into. The key is to get one that you can mount on a tripod. The Makayama Movie Mount has a tripod adapter on the bottom and a hotshoe adapter on top that lets you put a LED light above it for sweet lighting. We like to pair it with the Neewer LED light. Just make sure to get the right size case for your iPad model.

Makayama MountNeewer LED CN-160

Bring your backdrop

A nice backdrop can be as simple as a plain wall or a roll of paper. Our favorite party trick is to just work with the surroundings and point the camera into the party. It adds energy to the background and makes all kinds of new opportunities for photo bombs, which are always exciting.

Seamless Paper

Procure the printer

Everyone loves a photo strip to take home for the fridge. The Canon Selphy CP1200 is a tiny wireless printer that can print a 4x6 in about a minute and a half from your iPad. When you use it with Simple Booth Event Edition app you can two-up photo strips on each sheet for double the pleasure! Cut your 4x6 straight down the middle with a mini paper trimmer and you'll each have a copy.

Canon Selphy CP1200Paper trimmer

Photo booth it up

The "hard work" of making your own photo booth is done. Wait, did you just start five minutes ago? Enjoy the moment. We can't promise everything in life will be this simple. Pick out some classy props and have fun with your guests. They're going to love the photo booth and you're going to love saving all that dough you just saved. Plus, you can set it up at all your future bonanzas.

Mustache Props
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