Set up a photo booth or selfie station in minutes

You've got an iPad. You found this page. Congrats! You're halfway to setting up a DIY photo booth for your live event. This photo booth setup uses your iPad's front-facing camera so guests can get a live preview and simply tap the screen to start creating awesome photo layouts or GIFs with different filters. They can even share or print photos!

Do it yourself photo booth

1. Acquire The Photo Booth App

Most photo booth apps are made for personal use, not for hundreds of photo-lovin' guests. Simple Booth HALO® app is different: it was designed to run for hours at live events and is packed with premium features like customizable graphics, online galleries, image filters, Live Feed, and more. The HALO app makes setting up a DIY photo booth fun and easy, starting at just $29 per month.

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HALO Simple Booth®

Simple Booth HALO

2. Install the iPad

If you expect more than 100 people at your event, we recommend exploring our professional HALO hardware solution.

But if you are on a DIY budget, there are a lot of functional cases you can slap your iPad into. The key is to get one that can be mounted, like the iShot case, which has a clamp on the back to attach to a light stand or tripod. On top, you can mount a battery-powered LED light like Bestlight. Putting a mini ball head between the iPad case and the light stand provides flexibility to make adjustments on the fly.

We recommend an extra tall light stand because they have a sturdier riser, so your setup is less likely to wobble when the iPad is touched. Shorter light stands may not have a riser that is thick enough to support the iShot case.

iPad Mount

3. Bring your backdrop

A classy DIY photo booth backdrop can be as simple as a plain wall or a roll of paper. Our favorite party trick is to just work with the surroundings and point the camera into the party. It adds energy to the background and creates all kinds of opportunities for photo bombs, which are always entertaining, especially if you have your photo booth set up in GIF mode.

Seamless Paper

4. Procure the printer

The HALO app allows for all kinds of different photo options, including GIFs and different photo layouts, but sometimes you may also want a photo strip for the memory scrapbook. The Canon Selphy CP1200 is a tiny wireless printer that can print a 4x6 in about a minute and a half from your iPad. When you use it with the HALO app, you can print side by side photo strips on each sheet for double the fun! Cut your 4x6 straight down the middle with a mini paper trimmer so you and your friend can each have a copy.

Canon Selphy

5. Prepare to party

The "hard work" of making your own photo booth is done. Wait, did you just start five minutes ago? Enjoy the moment. We can't promise everything in life will be this simple. Need more photo booth ideas? Pick out some classy props and have fun with your guests. They're going to love the photo booth and you're going to love all that dough you just saved.

Mustache Props

Brilliantly capture life’s moments.

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