How to create a selfie wall for your business

Every day, over 27 million pieces of content are shared on social media. And with millennials taking over the Internet and driving the economy, social sharing isn’t slowing down any time soon. In today’s competitive environment, the need to incorporate social sharing into the shopping experience matters just as much as what your store is selling.

One way you can unite a social sharing experience with your business is with a selfie wall. Selfie walls are designated areas within a store that are designed to be engaged with, photographed and shared. Selfie walls are growing in popularity and are proven to be fun and beneficial for both consumers and businesses. Designing and creating your very own selfie wall is quick and easy.

Selfie Wall

Here’s how to create a selfie wall, in 3 simple steps:

1. Create a beautiful background

Give your customers a reason to take more selfies with visually appealing backgrounds. Your selfie wall background should reflect your brand and be fun for people to pose and engage with. Get creative so guests will rave about your selfie wall online and share their photos with your hashtag.

Simple Booth Selfie Walls Selfie Walls Simple Booth Selfie Wall Simple Booth Selfies

2. Pick the perfect spot

Where are your customers already taking photos on their mobile phones? Where are your high traffic areas? These are ideal places for a selfie wall! It's a bonus if the spot has good lighting, especially natural daylight.

Simple Booth W hotel photo booth Simple Booth Pigment Selfie Wall

3. Supercharge the selfie

Not all selfies turn out great. Poor lighting. Grainy images. Spotty Wi-Fi connectivity that prevents social sharing. Instead, why not supercharge customers' experience by adding a selfie station? With a selfie station, selfies become hands-free, automated and seamless. Selfie stations attract customers and guests to the glowing light and custom LED screen. Next, they tap to start the photo sequence, choose a filter, and text or email their photo instantly to their phone. It’s seamless social sharing for the ultimate customer experience.

Selfie photo booth Retail photo booth

Choosing the right selfie station guarantees your branding and business is consistent among your guests selfies and social sharing, while also providing an interactive way for your guests to connect to your business in a fun, authentic way.

Ready to install a selfie wall?