What is a Selfie Station?

A selfie station is an internet-connected, touch-screen camera kiosk that is designed for individuals or groups to take and share photos, often with value-added lighting, backdrops or take-away prints. In many ways, selfie stations the next evolution of photo booths for the modern era.

Photos from these modern devices are a small but growing segment of the 27 million pieces of photo content that are shared on social media every day.

Selfie stations are becoming popular with businesses as a way to incorporate social sharing into the shopping experience, capture user-generated content (UGC) and increase their chances of trending online. Customers can become enthusiastic brand ambassadors by capturing branded images and sharing them on their social feeds, creating a win-win for businesses and consumers.

Selfie stations are often accompanied by selfie walls, designated backdrops for participants to take and share a fun photograph. Businesses that design and create a selfie wall find that it helps increase participation in the selfie station experience.

Cost of renting a photo booth selfie station

How much does it cost to rent a Selfie Station?

You can rent an inexpensive selfie station with basic features through deal websites for as little as $100-$200 per hour. A higher quality selfie station with more desirable features and aesthetic appearance will cost $300-$400 per hour. Most rental companies require a minimum rental time such as two hours. These prices also vary from market to market, with urban locations like New York City carrying premium prices.

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Many add-ons are available in the marketplace such as props, costumes, thematic background and photo frames, lenses or effects. Prices can be higher on weekends and holidays with volume discounts available for multiple selfie stations. Businesses can rent a bespoke selfie station for multiple days or months to serve the needs of a campaign or installation.

Make sure to understand the exact service you are getting when renting a selfie station. What will the photo quality be like? Does the station offer high-quality lighting? Will an attendant be provided to guide guests through the experience and handle any technical issues that arise?

The “best deal” can sometimes be more of a hassle than a success. Paying more will often pay off with better service and features, guaranteeing users a fun and engaging experience. Premium solutions can also include value-adds such as a social report at the end of the rental period that outlines how the selfie station performed, how many people used it and the number of views it generated online.

Renting a selfie station

"What will the photo quality be like? Does the station offer high-quality lighting? Will an attendant be provided to guide guests through the experience and handle any technical issues that arise?"

Cost of owning a photo booth

How much does it cost to own a Selfie Station?

Purchasing a selfie station can cost from $2,500 to $10,000. Part of the purchasing decision is what mount solution to use, such as a heavy-duty stand, lightweight portable stand or even a permanent wall mount. Some people prefer selfie stations that can be installed to a wall for your business as a more permanent fixture, while others appreciate the flexibility of a free-standing station that they can try out in a variety of different locations to find the highest traffic, most effective spot.

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What about

It’s important to consider the software in addition to the hardware when purchasing a selfie station. Most selfie stations operate with a subscription service based on the features you need. You can also find software available as a one-time purchase but beware of limited updates or additional costs for services like text messaging or photo hosting. Software and apps also vary greatly in terms of user-experience, ease-of-use and how much they can be customized to your brand or theme.

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Need a selfie station for your venue or event?

Remember that a selfie station in your business or event will only be as successful as the experience that it delivers and the brand engagement that it drives. Simple Booth HALO® is a tried and true selfie station that optimizes social technology with software that is customizable to your brand and easily allows you to track engagement through views and shares. HALO can be purchased or rented with full-service or self-service rental options available.

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