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Simple Booth has an app made just for you, whether you're setting up a DIY photo booth, marketing for a Fortune 500 company, or just poking around.

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Simple Booth

Halo app creates premium photo experiences at live events as the perfect companion to our Halo hardware. You can capture leads and run contests for marketing, upload photos and GIFs to custom branded galleries, text photos straight to guests' phones where they can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Plus, sync settings presets across devices and manage them from the web in real-time. Or, run in offline mode until internet is available. It's more than an app, it's a photo booth platform.

Simple Booth Halo


Real-time analytics

Get a grip on ROI by knowing how many people viewed your galleries and shared to social media from the app.

Custom gallery branding

You can choose your own colors in the app, background images, layouts, and add your logo or a custom overlay.

Lead and data capture

Grow your marketing lists by capturing lead data including name, email, phone number, date of birth and zip code.

Manage multiple booths

You can assign licenses to team members and easily switch licenses to new devices to run multiple booths at once.

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SB Event Edition Settings

Simple Booth Event Edition

We've made setting up a do-it-yourself photo booth as easy as having an app, iPad and something to put it on. You can set up your own photo booth and have fun in the process. Simple Booth Event Edition is our signature app for DIY photo booths at parties, wedding receptions and more. It's the real photo booth experience in a slick, easy-to-use app.

DIY Guide

Made for live events

We designed Event Edition for real, live events. Once you launch the booth, the settings menu is hidden and the app is ready for guests. We've tested it at events with thousands of people! The consensus? It rocks. Your guests will love it.

Let the guests run the show

It's so easy to use that guests can use the booth without an attendant. They'll know just what to do and the live preview with the front camera will help everyone get in the frame. After its over, all the saved photo layouts will be waiting for you!

Loaded with features

Event Edition comes loaded with tons of cool features and customization options. You can choose your own colors for the app, turn certain sharing options off, set your own Twitter hash tag, save images to Dropbox in real-time and more.

Simple Booth for iPhone Free


Simple Booth for iPhone is a fun photo booth app for personal use. You can choose how many photos, start the countdown and take photos. Then, change the photo layout, shuffle the photo or choose a modern effect and share to your personal Facebook, email the photo or try out the AirPrint printing features that can print two strips side by side on a 4" by 6" sheet. It doesn't have nearly all the features in Simple Booth Event Edition, so we hope you enjoy it for the pure photo booth simplicity!

Simple Booth iPhone app

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iPhone EE Halo
Photo layouts and gifs
Image filters and editing
Made for live events and iPad
Add your own logo
Online galleries and social sharing
Simple email through
Offline upload queue
Text messaging (US)
Text messaging (International*)
Manage multiple booths
Customizable start screen
Instagram-ready MMS
Lead and data capture
Custom gallery branding

* International Texting Support