One of the most popular business features in HALO app is Data Capture. Marketers and small business owners love that visitors provide their email address or phone number and opt-in to email marketing, contests or VIP event lists.

We’ve completely reinvented Data Capture in the upcoming HALO release. To illustrate just what this might mean for you, we conducted a field test with one HALO running the old feature and another running the new feature at the same event and found that the new Data Capture resulted in:

  • 17% faster session time – more people can go through the booth! 🏎
  • 26% more unique emails per session 💥

With these two factors combined, you could be seeing a lot more ROI on your HALO field events and activations.

Let’s discuss how we made it happen!

In the past, the Data Capture feature served multiple purposes. First, it let you capture fields like email, phone number, date of birth, postal code and first name / last name. Second, you could screen certain users by age with a required checkbox before they could view or upload their photo.

That’s a lot going on!

In the new app, we’ve split up the first two capabilities. Now there is a dedicated Age Gate that appears before you even capture a photo, so guests who are underage can opt-out early and won’t ever be disappointed part-way through the experience.

This allowed us to move the core Data Capture feature further back in the user flow to the Send screen and make it a Send option. Now guests don’t have to enter their data just to preview their photo. They can look at it, decide if they want to keep or retake it, and then enter their information to receive it.

Moving it back in the flow made a big difference.

Send screen

No one ever feels like they have to enter their email address twice anymore, once in Data Capture and then again to receive the photo. Now you really just enter your email and/or phone number to receive your photo by pressing the “Add Recipient” button. You can still offer the standard email and text message options for guests if they want to opt-out of data capture.

When you first press “Next” from the Edit screen, the Data Capture screen will pop up automatically. Then, other people in the photo can press “Add Recipient” and fill out the form again. That means multiple leads per session, whereas before you could only get one.

Data capture screen

Now that it’s a separate feature, we can continue building the Age Gate out and make it even more robust for customers who need it for specialized situations.

So when is the new app going to be available? We are beta testing it now, look out for an official release announcement in early summer 2018!

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