At Simple Booth we are committed to inventing the future of photo booths. As we do this, we look back at the past and see what traditions are timeless and cherished. Then we ask ourselves how we can innovate on them. One of the great traditions of photo booths is the take-home print.

photo booth printed strip

If you’ve used many photo booth softwares before, you know that all the layout design is centered around the print. You start with a paper size and then individually place all the photo¬†coordinates. The prints always look good, but it doesn’t translate well to social media.

Simple Booth takes a different approach from conventional photo booth software. We make mobile apps that put user experience above all else and part of that is creating a mobile first experience where the photos are optimized for digital, social sharing and viewing on your phone.

When designing your Simple Booth layout or GIF, you’re choosing how it will look on a phone or desktop computer. After that, it is resized and positioned on your paper for the print.

This is great most of the time, but sometimes it can be difficult to get the print just right. Depending on the layout, it might not fill the whole sheet and leave extra white space on each side. For some customers, this is a big deal. We want it to be easy for people to fill the print without having to play the game of trial and error.

Instead of forcing our users to either create a separate print design and a separate digital design, we choose to think outside the box. Today we are proud to say that you can have your digital photos and prints both look great. We developed a creative new feature that can make any layout fill the entire photo print and look perfect on your phone!

force fit smart print photo booth strip

It’s called Force Fit. It works by cropping the individual photos in your layout to the right aspect ratio to fill the print. To avoid cutting off faces though, it uses a facial detection algorithm to find the optimal crop position. It works on tall photo strips, 4×4 square layouts, and everything in between.

Don’t just take our word for it though! The next time you’re trying to print from the Simple Booth app we hope you’ll check out our Force Fit feature.

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