Have you heard of the experience economy yet? It’s the powerful idea that experiences are carving out their own place in business alongside traditional economic categories like goods and services.

Consumers unquestionably desire experiences, and more and more businesses are responding by explicitly designing and promoting them.

-Harvard Business Review, Welcome to the Experience Economy

That’s right, consumers are demanding more opportunities for experiences—which means your business has a major opportunity.

And the most surprisingly effective way to get in on the experience economy right now is to simply invest in a photo booth for your business.

Here’s how you can give your customers the experiences they demand and supercharge your business at the same time with a modern-day photo booth:

Real-world engagement

It’s critical to create an emotional bond with your customers or the audience you’re trying to reach. Photo booths create real world, social engagements that produce memories and emotional connections.

Psychological studies repeatedly show that despite consumers’ testaments to the contrary, their purchase decisions basically boil down to feelings.


Having your brand associated with a happy moment, whether it’s an event, a theme party or just a team-building meeting, will create a deep and meaningful bond that gives your business a bigger boost than any social media post or advertisement.

Meaningful lead-generation

Photo booths also offer a seamless way to capture new emails and generate high-quality leads from events.

Attendees at events have a legitimate reason to give you their contact information—they want the photos delivered to their emails so they can remember that moment. And because you’re creating an emotional bond, your leads are more likely to respond and follow up when you reach out to them.

Automated engagement

Setting up a selfie wall, whether in the office or at an event, gives you an easy, automated way to receive all of the benefits a photo booth can offer. You’ll create meaningful moments, drive leads and give people a fun way to engage with your brand—all without you or your staff having to lift a finger.

Selfie walls are perfect for practically any type of event. Instead of asking a photographer to try to capture every guest at your event, why not set up a selfie wall where attendees can create their own pictures? This frees up the photographer to focus on capturing the really important moments and gives your event a huge boost.

Mobility and flexibility

The right photo booth can travel with you. From uses in the office or a social-engagement experience at your next big expo—today’s photo booths should be able to come with you and provide an interactive touchpoint for your business wherever you need it.

While other ways to embrace the experience economy might require lots of people, planning or expensive equipment, photo booths can be set up with as much or little resources as the situation demands. And some photo booth softwares like Simple Booth even offer virtual props if you don’t want to lug a case full of boas and funny hats around.

Bonus: Easy, updated headshots

But that’s not all. Having a photographer come in to take headshots for your business can be a costly and time-consuming process.

Do you really want to force your employees to take time out of their days to stand in front of a wall and smile for 30 minutes?

A photo booth can take headshots that are as good as or even better than what you’d pay a photographer to do, and it allows employees to get them done within their own schedules.

At Simple Booth, we’re all about creating unique experiences that leave a lasting impression. Making stuff green is just one way to do that. Our favorite way? Creating amazing photo experiences.

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