Running a successful nightclub is more than just selling drinks; there’s also the challenge of attracting customers and keeping them entertained. Modern photo booths can help with both.

As customers spend more time in your venue, they’re more likely to purchase drinks and also more likely to return in the future. A photo booth can provide an engaging activity that gives customers a reason to stay longer and return the next time they’re looking for a fun night out.

Here’s how the right photo booth can help boost your business:

1. Provide a fun activity

Photo booths make it easy for customers to capture fun, shareable moments. Modern photo booths, or selfie stations, will allow guests the ability to capture both GIFs, still photos, layouts and even video clips. This interactive element provides a unique opportunity to get to know each other while capturing fun, entertaining content.

Photo booths can also boost revenue by attracting new customers to your venue. Today’s selfie-loving culture means people are on the lookout for new and exciting places to take pictures and share them online. If you have a photo booth, they’ll be flooding in for the next perfect selfie, and your venue will quickly become their new hot spot for a fun night out.

2. Branding and social sharing

With Simple Booth HALO® your photo booth experience can be completely customized to match your venue’s branding, whether it includes a logo, custom graphics, or a specialized theme. This gives your customers a memorable experience that is unique to your venue.

As they’re having fun taking photos, drinking and dancing, they’re also engaging with your brand. When they share the photos on social media, they’re giving your club free word-of-mouth marketing for everyone they’re connected to on social media.

There’s no question that people make decisions based on what they see their friends doing and whether it looks fun or not. When we see someone having a great time somewhere, we’re more likely to want to go there too. That’s why user-generated content and social proof are such powerful marketing tools.

In this way, a photo booth can quickly pay for itself just in the marketing benefits alone.

3. Capture data

There’s more potential to capture data than you may think. 

HALO can capture the participant’s email, phone number or birthday at they same time they enter their details to request a digital copy of the image. You can use this information to send them promotions, special discounts, and why not ask for a Google review while you’re at it? 

This opens up the possibility to bring customers back sooner or gain new customers from positive reviews.

It’s a win-win for everyone.

4. Instagram engagement

By incorporating a hashtag from your night club in your digital photo booth, you will increase the likelihood that photo booth users will follow through and post their photo to Instagram and tag it.

If you’re already using Instagram to build your brand — you have a lot to gain from Instagram engagement. Getting users to share their photos on a regular basis can help spread the word about what’s happening at your venue, attract influencers, and gain followers.

You can even get creative by running monthly or weekly Instagram contests where people who share their photo have a chance to win free drinks or access to an exclusive event.

To get even more value out of your photo booth, you can ask people to include your branded hashtag in their caption. This will allow you to see every photo from your venue and make sure you’re engaging with users.

The top photo booth for night clubs

Simple Booth HALO® is the leading photo booth for nightclubs around the world and provides a unique method for capturing photo booth images you can’t get anywhere else, including GIFs, still images, layouts, and modern video clips. These can all be received by text message, email or QR scan.

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The whole process is simple and easy for clubgoers to have a blast.

Purchase a photo booth

Photo booths are not only an awesome way to entertain your guests, but they’re also a shrewd business investment. Private events are another solid revenue stream for night clubs, and renting an in-house photo booth is a great way to increase profits from these types of events.

Purchase a HALO® for your night club or bar to capture amazing moments and grow your business.

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