Consumer trends and technologies often make their way into our work lives and the office, whether it’s our iPhones, ear buds, social media apps, espresso machines, and now: the digital photo booth.

Photo booths have evolved dramatically in recent years. In fact, they may not look anything like you remember!

Technology like the iPad and LED lighting has made photo booths smaller, more portable, and more accessible. They come with engaging features like animated GIFs, short looping video, digital props, and more.

Simple Booth office HALO
Simple Booth HALO is a modern photo booth that can mount to a wall

A digital photo booth can be a powerful medium to capture and share visual imagery from your office.

Here are five reasons that an office photo booth might just make sense:

1. Automate employee headshots

Headshots come in handy for everything from the company directory to LinkedIn profile pics and employee ID cards. However, the process to hire a photographer and schedule the shoot can be a headache.

An office photo booth can streamline the employee headshot process significantly with consistent lighting, easy setup, and an intuitive user interface that lets employees capture a photo they like. You can create a standardized preset for the headshot process and even choose an image filter to make the photos stand out and fit your brand.

Animated GIF headshots

Want to think really out of the box? Capture your employee headshots as animated GIFs!

2. Break the ice at office parties

MEITB team photo at party

Office parties and happy hours can be challenging to pull-off, walking the line between forced fun or getting wildly out of control. But when done right, they can be a reward for your hard-working employees and a way to break out of the daily grind and connect with each other.

An office photo booth can turn into a party machine with the flip of a switch. As we’ve all seen at weddings and other traditional events where photo booths are common, a photo booth is the ultimate ice breaker. Why not bring that energy to the office, too?

The best part is that a digital photo booth is affordable, quick to setup and virtually runs itself, so you can put your focus on actually having a good time with your team.

3. Cooler than a water cooler

But first, coffee

If you’re looking for a new way to build company culture and increase job satisfaction, an office photo booth is a unique and fun way to make it happen. A photo booth in the office 24/7 can bring spontaneity and energy into your employees’ days.

Research shows that taking short breaks at work can have a multitude of benefits, such as increasing motivation, productivity, and creativity.

“Downtime replenishes the brain’s stores of attention and motivation, encourages productivity and creativity, and is essential to both achieve our highest levels of performance and simply form stable memories in everyday life.”

-Ferris Jabr in Scientific American

Walking over to the photo booth can be the perfect pretext to step away from the screen, reset your brain, and make a memory with coworkers.

4. Ramp up your recruiting

Gif of woman pulling down sunglasses

In highly competitive job markets, everything you can to do make your company stand out to retain and attract top talent makes a difference.

What better way to show your company is the best than with authentic photos of your happy, healthy, and lively employees from the company photo booth? It signals that you work hard and play hard, too, and that job seekers can find that ever elusive work life balance at your company.

Plus, consider that employee referrals are often regarded as the best source of new hiring. If your team is regularly posting office photo booth pictures to LinkedIn and other social networks, their connections will already have a positive view of working at your company, making it easier to recruit in the long run.

A digital photo booth can turn another day at the office into an employee bonding experience. It can also turn into a powerful social media content creation tool as employees take to their channels to share authentic, behind the scenes content of your organization.

5. Impress your guests

A photo booth allows you to make it feel special when clients and partners visit your office by capturing a photo to commemorate. A photo experience in your office with a branded backdrop can be a great way to wrap up a big meeting or celebrate signing a deal.

Whether your visitors share the photos on social media or not, your company newsletter will get a major upgrade having a great, convenient photo library to pick from all the time.

Remember, a simple, compelling image will serve as a better reminder of their visit than a business card that gets tossed away.

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