QR codes came with a lot of hype when they were first introduced to the world. Technologists proclaimed that everyone would soon start using QR codes for everything from buying merchandise to ordering breakfast in bed!

That dream hasn’t come about yet. However, now that the hype has worn off, there is a steady trend of increased adoption by consumers.

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A recent change to Apple’s iPhone camera allows you to scan QR codes without having to download or open a special app. It’s convenient and fast for anyone to use QR codes now that both Android and Apple offer native QR scanning capabilities.

At Simple Booth, we’re introducing a practical new way to use QR codes: a fast and contactless way to get your photo booth picture!

How QR codes work in Simple Booth

Now, you can get your photo simply opening your phone’s camera app and pointing it at a QR code displayed in HALO. This is the fastest way to get your photo, especially for a group of users who don’t all want to take turns entering their contact information.

As you scan the QR code, your camera app prompts you to open the link in a browser. Then it’s simple, you just view your photo!

If the photo is not finished uploading yet because of slow internet, a temporary message will be displayed and the page will automatically refresh when the photo is ready.

Should I use QR codes?

When deciding whether to use QR codes for your next event or campaign, you should first consider whether or not you need to collect data.

QR does not collect any contact information from participants. For some organizations who do not wish to collect personally identifiable information, this is great!

For other organizations whose goals include capturing data, QR is less useful. However, guests can always opt out of Data Capture, and if they do, they most likely still want their photo. Therefore, QR doesn’t hurt your odds of leaving an event with a list full of new contacts.

Finally, consider the demographic you are serving. You might want to turn on the new feature if you’ll have participants in these categories:

  • International visitors, since QR codes are already popular in many foreign countries, especially Asia. Airports and popular tourist destinations may be great candidates to use QR.
  • Highly private individuals, such as celebrities who prefer not to enter their personal contact details. Late night shows or talk shows with a photo booth in the green room are examples of this.

There you have it! QR codes are available in all Simple Booth plans as a photo delivery method.

Simple Booth is a platform for social photography that businesses use to engage customers, get new leads and create social impressions online.

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