On Simple Booth HALO standard and premium plans, you can customize the email that guests receive with the link to their photo. You can add your own branded messaging, hashtag, a call-to-action or use the opportunity to inform the guest about a place to visit, another upcoming event, a coupon code they can redeem or a contest they can join.

Simple Booth sends the emails through our platform but allows full customization. Here’s how to get the most out of your photo booth emails:

1. Write your copy

The first thing you should customize is the content of the email you’re sending! We provide a generic default that says, “Thank you for taking your photo! We hope you enjoyed the event.”

This is an opportunity to use your brand’s voice and leave a lasting impression with the guest, so make it your own.

Here are some ideas:

  • Thank them for attending or participating
  • Remind them of the purpose of the event or your brand’s values
  • Ask them to take action – you can include links and buttons in your email, which we’ll show you in a minute

We recommend keeping it short and sweet, since what people want the most is their photo, but there is no limit to the length if you want to go crazy!

In order to customize the email copy, first turn email sharing on and find the share panel in your app or on your app preset page.

2. Customize with HTML

Simple Booth allows you to use HTML in the email body and has placeholders so you can do cool stuff like embed a thumbnail of the photo or customize a button that links to it for the guest.

HTML doesn’t have to be complicated at all. You can do some very simple things to improve your emails!

Adding a line break is a simple and popular way to improve the appearance of your email. To do that, just add <br> in your text. It will disappear from the email and turn into a line break! For a blank line, add two line breaks, like this: <br></br>.

Anything between the <> is HTML that will do something special when you use it. Let’s learn a few more tricks.

Basic Text Formatting

You can format your text by using these simple opening and closing HTML tags. Just replace the “…” with your text.

HTML Tag Pair Usage
Header or title text. 1 is very large, 2 is large, 3 is medium.
<b>...</b> Bold text
<i>...</i> Italicized text
<u>...</u> Underlined text
<p>...</p> Paragraph breaks


Here is a trick to really make your email template stand out! Each email sends a different photo with its own unique link, which isn’t known until the photo uploads. You can use a “placeholder” that represents the link and our server will replace the placeholder with the actual link when it’s time to send to the guest!

Here is a link of placeholders you can use and examples:

Links to a thumbnail representation of the media that can be displayed in the email body.

<img src="[thumbnail-url]">

Links to the Gallery that contains all the event media. Does not work with private galleries.

Looking for another [media-type]? <a href="[gallery-url]">View the full gallery</a>

A link to the guest’s picture page on the Gallery. When used, this will replace the the default, “View your photo” link so you can create your own call-to-action or custom designed button. Can be used with [thumbnail-url] to make a clickable image embedded in the email.

Basic call-to-action:
<a href="[page-url]">View your [media-type]</a>

Embedded, clickable thumbnail:
<a href="[page-url]"><img src="[thumbnail-url]"></a>

Word or phrase describing the type of picture your guest captured, such as “GIF” or “photo.”

"Thanks for capturing a [media-type] at the event!"

Okay, now you know the basics, and we’re proud of you. If you want to outsource the effort to customize your emails, you can do that too! Crowdsourcing platforms like Fiverr have freelancers willing to write custom email templates from $10-20 a pop.

3. Send from your own email address

One of the most powerful email customizations you can make is customizing the sender’s email address. To reduce the risk of having your domain marked as spam, Simple Booth will still technically handle sending the emails out for you, but to your guests it will look like you are the sender. Better yet, if you use a real email address and a guest replies to the email, it will be sent your way instead of ours!

Customizing the email address in this way involves some setup on your domain registrar because we need permission to send emails on your behalf. Fortunately, you’ll only have to do this once. The process to update these settings will vary registrar-by-registrar but will involve accessing your DNS settings and entering our rules.

If you have updated your DNS settings in the past for another website, you will need to combine our DNS “rules” with any existing “rules” that you’ve given permission to on your account. We have helpful instructions in our help center about what our rules are and how to add or combine them.