In the digital age, there are guests who take pictures at a digital photo booth that still love a print out to take home with them. If you’re setting out to make your own photo booth, you may anticipate that printing traditional-style photo strips is going to involve a lot of work to format things properly for your printer.

Not to worry, we have good news! The Simple Booth team wants to make sure your photos look awesome while keeping things as simple as possible. Our photo booth app for iPad makes it easy to print photo strips to more traditional photo paper sizes like a 4×6 or 5×7 by automatically printing two side-by-side strips.

While the app will automatically format the images for you, we do recommend using a few specific settings within your Simple Booth Event Edition or HALO app for a professional looking print.

1. Use A Square Or Circle Crop

You’ll find the most difficult part of fitting photo strips onto standard-sized photo paper is accouting for the extra white space, or margins, on the paper.

If portrait or landscape style pictures are used, you may notice that it’s very difficult to create perfectly even margins.

By using a square crop it will help make the photos more symmetrical, which in turn makes the entire layout look professional.

Square or Circle Crop for Photo Booth Printer

2. Using A Logo

Logos on the photo strips will make your layout taller, regardless of whether you use the top or bottom logo position. For printing purposes, It’s best to think of a photo strip as being able to hold a total of 4 elements for each strip.

If you plan to use a logo for your event, we recommend using the 1×3 layout rather than the 1×4 layout. By reducing the number of photos, you’re able to free up space on the paper for your logo to properly fit.

When using a logo, our recommendation for the ultimate photo strip is three photo elements and one logo element.

Using a Logo For Photo Booth Printer

3. Make Adjustments With Padding

Minor adjustments can always be made with the padding feature. Adding positive numbers to the padding settings will increase your margins, while adding negative numbers will reduce them.

Each printer will handle these layouts slightly differently. If you find that your prints are pretty close to your desired end-product or that the printer is cutting a small section off, use the padding settings to make small adjustments and get things just right.

Using Padding With Photo Booth Printer

4. Use Force Fit

As long as you’re not using a background or overlay*, the easiest thing that you can do to get your layout to fill the photo paper is to use Force Fit. Force Fit will automatically adjust each photo based on face detection so that your prints will have even margins throughout the layout.

*Because of these adjustments, when Force Fit is on, overlays and backgrounds will be disabled because the dimensions of your layout will have changed slightly.

Using Force Fit with Photo Booth Printer

With Simple Booth’s HALO software, printing is as easy as 1-2-3-4!

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