Even in the digital age, there is still something nostalgic about a print out for guests to take home from weddings and private events.

If you’re on a journey to make your own photo booth with traditional-style photo strips, it’s going to be a little extra work to format things just right for your printer, but it will be worth it!

We’ve worked hard to make print formatting as simple as possible in the Simple Booth apps while also ensuring your digital photos look awesome. The Simple Booth apps for iPad make it easy to print tall photo strips onto common photo paper sizes such as 4×6 or 5×7 by automatically printing two side-by-side strips.

Here are a few helpful settings in the Simple Booth Classic and HALO apps that can help you get the most professional-looking print.

1. Use a square or circle crop

If you don’t mind a bit of extra white margins around your pictures, then vertical strips are a breeze! However, to completely eliminate the white space on your photo paper you’ll need to tweak a few settings.

Portrait or landscape images by default tend to be either too short or too tall to fill a standard 4×6 or 5×7 paper size.

Turning on square or circle crop is an easy win that tends to make the photos use the space on the page better.

Square or Circle Crop for Photo Booth Printer

2. Add a logo to make it taller

Adding a logo to any photo strip will make the layout taller, regardless of whether you put it on the top, middle or bottom.

If you’ll be using a logo for your event, we recommend using the three photo (1×3) layout rather than the four photo (1×4) layout. This helps free up space for the logo so that the strip doesn’t become too tall.

You can also play with the aspect ratio of your logo. Make it taller to make the strip taller, make it wider to make the strip shorter.

Using a Logo For Photo Booth Printer

3. Tweak the print padding

Further adjustments can always be made with the padding feature. Adding positive numbers to a padding direction will increase your margins, while adding negative numbers will reduce them.

Each printer will handle these layouts slightly differently. It’s time to try a test print! If you find that your prints look like the preview in Simple Booth, that’s awesome. If the printer is cutting a small section off, use the padding settings to make small adjustments and get things just right.

Using Padding With Photo Booth Printer

4. Turn on force fit

If your print is almost there but you still need to trim out some white space, the easy way to completely fill the photo paper is to use Force Fit. Force Fit will automatically crop each photo based on face detection so that your prints will have even margins throughout the layout.

The closer you get your print to how you want it to look before turning on Force Fit, the less it will crop photos to make them print and the better it will work.

Using Force Fit with Photo Booth Printer

Now, if you are using an overlay for your layout, you will want to make sure to design a separate overlay for your printed layout.

That’s how easy it is to format your prints in Simple Booth!

For more questions about printing, be sure to check out the Print section of our Help Center.

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