Modern museums are more than quiet spaces where art and artifacts are displayed and preserved. They’re a unique source of beauty, inspiration, and learning that can truly resonate with everyone.

And while they are definitely places of learning, they’re also a great source of fun and entertainment.

Photo booths are helping to bridge that gap.

Modern, digital photo booth kiosks are transforming the way museums create fun and memorable experiences for visitors, capture attention for new exhibits and events, and even provide a way to measure the impact of those efforts.

Entertain visitors at events

Museums have the potential to be the perfect venue for memorable events that stand out from anything else happening in a city. The photo booth is the perfect entertainment addition for any event.

For example, the California Academy of Sciences has used a photo booth during their wildly popular NightLife events for adults. The guests love it and share their pictures on social media.

Attract attention for new exhibits

One of the biggest challenges for museums is marketing new exhibits. Social media is a perfect channel to achieve that goal. People love to share cool photos and videos of themselves, especially when they are in a unique venue with thought-provoking art or artifacts.

A photo booth is the perfect way for museums to connect with social media influencers and capture photos to share with a hashtag. The digital photos can be instantly displayed in a branded photo gallery that can be embedded on the museum’s website, or displayed on a large screen in the exhibit itself.

Just see how much fun guests had at Blanton Museum of Art for the Art World Preview.

The photo gallery can be a long-lasting piece of content that contributes to the online marketing of the exhibit, even long after it’s over. Here’s how the National Museum of African American History and Culture used a photo booth to get social media traction for an exhibit:

Grow your mailing list

The data capture capabilities of modern photo booth platforms can help your museum grow its email list. Additional analytics include impression stats, number of participants, social shares, and even demographics on who came to your event and took pictures.

This makes it easy to show the value of using a photo booth to engage customers at your next event.

Measure social media reach

Not only can you measure the number of people reached with photos, but in many cases, you can even find out who they are. For example, if you run a hashtag campaign on Instagram you can search to see all the people who posted with the hashtag. This is a great way to find new social media influencers to work with in the future.

Capture your audience

A modern photo booth also provides a natural opportunity to connect with your audience after the event. When guests share their photo, it should include a hashtag or mention of your museum. This gives you the opportunity to publicly join the conversation on social media.

It’s a simple and effective way to create a personal connection with your audience and grow your online community.

At the end of the day, it’s all about how you can take the photo marketing experience and extend the value of it online.

Digital photo booths are helping museums to break new ground in delivering impactful experiences for visitors. If you’re interested in trying a photo booth for your museum, try Simple Booth!

At Simple Booth, we’d love to help your museum engage visitors, expand your social presence, and grow your contacts list.

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