Are you searching for the best marketing strategy for your mini-golf course? Look no further than the photo booth!

Mini golf courses are a fantastic form of entertainment. They attract families, couples, teenagers, and even corporate events. But like any business, they need a way to market themselves to make it profitable.

Maybe you’ve tried running paid ads, posting to social media, or asking for reviews. It can be frustrating to spend money on ads and get little to no return. Or to post content on social media, only to get a handful of likes and comments.

Many businesses can find themselves stuck in a cycle of spending money on ads, with little to show for it, or feeling hopeless about ever growing their social media following.

But there’s a better way to market your mini golf course.

The best way to market mini golf

With a photo booth at your mini golf course, customers will take photos during or after their fun experience, like after the last mini-golf hole. These photos will be shared on social media, leading to organic word-of-mouth marketing and social proof for your business through user-generated content.

The photos are branded, making it fun and shareable. That means the next time someone sees your brand name on a search engine, social feed, or ad, they’ll have a positive association with your business. And that means more sales!

You can also capture their email address or phone number and follow-up after the event, to get feedback, offer a promotion for a return visit, or request a Google review.

Finally, photo booths are a lot of fun and that’s what mini gold rooms are all about.

Choosing the right photo booth

Mini golf is all about delivering fun and memorable moments. Guess what? So are we. That’s why Simple Booth is the natural next step to elevate your guest experience to a hole-in-one.

With Simple Booth, customization comes standard. Your brand shines through, effortlessly merging with the playful and unique atmosphere of your course. It’s not just about a snapshot; it’s about crafting a keepsake your guests will cherish and share.

Sharing? We’ve made it as easy as a tap. Your customers will love how simple it is to share their high-quality, fun-filled photos on social media, turning every share into a shoutout for your mini golf course.

Oh, and about those invaluable customer insights, Simple Booth captures the data seamlessly. You can use this to connect, offer specials, and keep the fun going long after the last putt drops.

Here’s how it works:

Simple Booth isn’t just a photo booth; it’s an enhancement to your already fabulous mini golf experience. Let’s create shareable moments together that keep the good times rolling and the customers returning.

Ready to add that extra flair to your mini golf business? Choose Simple Booth. Because your course deserves the best.