Video content is taking over social media. If you’re like a lot of event marketers right now, you might be wondering how you can film short videos at your event that attendees will share.

Perhaps you’ve even looked into it and found that professional video crews are too expensive. Their large lights, camera equipment, and the team to run it can be very intimidating to participants. And finally, they can’t edit fast enough to deliver the high-quality video in a bite-size, shareable format that participants would share on social media.

Fortunately, there is a better way.

Video photo booths are the go-to-solution for marketers that need to create compelling user-generated content at scale for social media. They allow you to capture instant, share-worthy video clips at any business event, wedding, or party in a practical way.

4 Reasons Why You Need a Video Photo Booth at Your Events

1. Videos Rank Better

Videos are the top content on social media platforms right now because they engage people for longer than other types of content. People love to watch videos on their phone to pass the time, whether it’s on TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube, or Facebook Stories.

As a result, social media algorithms are much more likely to promote your videos, giving you a better opportunity to market your brand or advocate for a cause.

2. They Activate Your Superfans

Your superfans are the customers that adore your brand the most—but they won’t necessarily shout it from the rooftop every day. They need to be prompted and encouraged.

A video photo booth gives them the opportunity to have fun and also share what they love about your products or services. They can do this safely through the guidance of your creative concept, which could be talking to the camera after a question prompt, or simply participating in a fun activity, like strutting their best dances moves.

3. Video Photo Booths Scale Easily

Video photo booths allow you to set up multiple video capture stations at your event so more people can participate. They provide a standardized experience you can even set up in different cities or regions.

4. They Are Friendly and Approachable

People tend to freeze up when they are put on the spot in front of a big camera and studio lights. Video photo booths feel less intimidating because they have a touchscreen that puts you in control. Participants can tap to start, preview their video, and retake it if they don’t like it.

Why Simple Booth HALO® is the Best Choice

Simple Booth HALO® is our premiere video photo booth solution. It provides the software and hardware for seamless video capture and sharing at any event or business. HALO is your camera, studio, and editing machine in one!

Our cutting-edge video tools allow you to capture easy-to-share, high-definition video clips from 15 to 90 seconds in length.

Whether your next activation will have participants show off their best TikTok dance moves or tell a heartfelt story about your brand, Simple Booth has you covered.

1. Great Lighting with a Steady Frame

Simple Booth HALO® is your camera, tripod, and light in one. Your guests will be gorgeously illuminated by its soft, glowing ring light. People love to share their video content when they look great!

barista using simple booth rebound
HALO provides high-definition video capture from a compact, portable setup

2. Lots of Options to Customize Your Video Clips

The HALO video booth software allows you to customize your settings in advance from a web dashboard. Choose from options like a branded overlay image, creative filters, and crop mode to capture widescreen, square, or portrait videos. Customize your hashtag and sharing options. Every video will come out consistent and on-brand.

Participants can record a video, preview or trim it, and then either retake or share. All the videos aggregate into a branded online gallery.

Preview and trim videos in Simple Booth HALO®

Bonus: You can even use a green screen to replace the background!

3. Practically Runs by Itself

The HALO photo booth adapts to any environment: corporate events, conferences, festivals, and more. You can set it up anywhere—even in an automobile.

It can scale up to larger events easier, rolled out in multiple locations, and doesn’t need constant attention to run smoothly. Every screen is intuitive with clear buttons and labels. Participants can even operate it on their own and go through the flow without assistance. One you upload your custom branding, hashtag, and settings, your video booth practically runs itself.

4. Affordable to Deploy

HALO is a simple one-time purchase and subscription to use it anytime you want. You’ll know exactly how much your next video shoot is going to cost—and will likely save money right out of the gate.

5. Analytics and Marketing Tools Built-in

One of the greatest benefits of the HALO video booth is that it has all the marketing tools you need. You can track your social shares, collect leads or customer data, and promote your business on social media. We offer a complete dashboard of analytics to see exactly how your event performed.

Here is an example of an analytics report for a real event:

Example of Simple Booth analytics from an event

After participants capture and approve their video, HALO turns into a sharing station that delivers the video to the participants’ phones for easy access and immediate sharing on social media.

Businesses love the data capture feature to collect useful fields from participants like name, email, and more.

Simple Booth® Makes it Easy

Simple Booth HALO is the all-in-one video photo booth you’ve been waiting for.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to get started on your next successful video campaign!

Simple Booth is the solution of choice for brands, agencies, and businesses looking to engage their audience with super social photo & video experiences.

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