Now you can enjoy Simple Booth apps and products while staying safe and reducing the spread of illness.

Introducing the gesture-based photo experience

It’s all the photo booth fun without ever touching a screen! You can use intuitive gestures to start a countdown, keep or retake your photo, and then simply scan a QR code to get it on your phone.

Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Hold your hand up to take a picture

The app will display a start screen that guides users to use their hand to start the booth. HALO watches for the hand position using the camera. The first gesture will start the photo booth countdown.

Step 2: Keep or retake

When you preview your photo, you can hold your hand up to choose whether or not to keep it or discard it and take another.

Step 3: Get the photo on your phone

Simply point your iPhone or Android camera app at the QR code on the screen and you’ll be prompted to open the web page with your photo on it. It’s that easy!

person getting photo from social photo booth

QR code sharing is available for free to all users during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here’s a closer look at what participants will see on their smartphone.

qr code for hands-free photo booth
Just scan the QR to download the image.

From there, you can download or share the photo directly on social media. Voilà! A hands-free photo booth experience that’s intuitive and fun to use.

Step 4: Rinse & repeat

Users can indicate they are done with a final hand gesture, or the booth will close and be automatically ready for the next user after some time has passed.

How to enable touchless mode

The contactless photo booth feature is the default setting for all new presets created in 2020–2021.

You can also enable touchless mode on existing presets by logging into your Simple Booth dashboard and turning on the switch for touchless at the top of the preset page.

Touchless option at the top of the preset settings

This feature is currently only available on iOS 14 and above.

Using touchless mode will make a number of other features unavailable:

  • Start screen images
  • Rear-facing camera
  • Age Gate
  • Participant Photo Editing (filters, props, drawing, crop mode, etc.)
  • Data Capture
  • All sharing methods except QR

Users on iOS 13 have access to a similar touchless feature relying on voice commands

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