At Simple Booth, we just released a new API integration feature that works seamlessly with our data capture feature to collect first-party data from participants and deliver it to your server, database, or CRM for marketing purposes.

How Data Capture Works

Data capture turns your photo booth into a lead magnet with a stunning 89% opt-in rate. It’s ideal for engaging patrons in retail spaces, at events, and more. 

With HALO, participants always walk away with a smile on their face and a branded photo, GIF, or video that’s easy to share. When data capture is enabled, they can also join your marketing list on the spot by providing their information. 

The HALO app can capture first name, last name, email address, phone number, birth date, postal code, and custom inputs. Customers can also embed a custom Terms of Service and Privacy Policy into the form and provide an explicit opt-in checkbox to obtain any necessary consents.

The information from the data capture form is also used to deliver the photo conveniently to the participant, creating a win-win. In many common interactions, customers may be wary of providing their contact details directly, but in the context of a trusted photo booth experience, it’s easy.

First-party data is more valuable than ever for brands that rely on it for marketing activities, including email marketing, SMS marketing, retargeting through online advertising, creating lookalike audiences, and more. 

How the API Integration Works

When paired with our new API integration, Simple Booth customers can directly sync captured data into their own database or CRM systems. This makes it seamless to create automations and marketing flows. For example, as soon as a participant takes a photo and submits their information, a business can use their marketing systems to instantly send a special offer, request a Google review, or add them to a mailing list.

Note: Consuming data from an API generally requires a developer or technical team to write code.

In addition to syncing information securely to your marketing platform, you can subsequently purge personally identifiable information (PII) from Simple Booth. This can provide your IT security team with peace of mind that the PII is removed from our system after it is no longer needed there.

With these new capabilities, Simple Booth continues to lead the photo booth industry in innovative solutions for event marketing.

There’s never been a better time to implement photo marketing into your event or experiential marketing strategy.

Data Capture and API Integration are both available in Pro and Select plans.

The documentation for the API can be found here.

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