The latest app updates expedite photo delivery for a frictionless social sharing experience. As we redesigned the social flow, we also wanted to push the boundaries of what it means to receive your photo from Simple Booth®.

We took a lot of feedback into consideration and made many improvements for both our customers who set up the booth and their guests who enjoy and share their photos. Most importantly, our delivery and social sharing experience had an opportunity to be simplified and we seized the opportunity to stand behind our name, Simple Booth!

Galleries make the fun last

The digital photo booth experience doesn’t end at the photo booth. It continues onto guests phone through the Gallery, live as the event is happening and through the next week. If you have a retail store or venue with a photo booth, the experience never ends. While the traditional photo booth experience was delivered with a print, the modern photo booth experience is delivered with Galleries. Even months later the event host and guests can view the photos again and relive or re-share the moments. Photos are uploaded to the gallery in real-time giving you the opportunity to share in the moment or save for the next day.

“While the traditional photo booth experience was delivered with a print, the modern photo booth experience is delivered with Galleries.”

Startup Games ATX gallery

Real-time & mobile-first

Mobile is where its at. Almost all of Simple Booth gallery views occur on mobile devices, so we optimized the new Galleries to be mobile-first and fun to play with. Infinite scrolling allows new images to load on the fly, so you can keep scrolling just like you would a social feed. Back at the top of the feed, new images will load in real-time so guests can have fun seeing what kind of photos your friends are taking. You can view a photo in full screen and seamlessly jump between individual picture cards and the Gallery feed in the background.

Branded Gallery

It’s easy to toggle between different grid views of your photos and filter based on what you want to see, from most popular to even finding photos on a specific date for galleries that span a longer time period.

“Almost all of Simple Booth gallery views occur on mobile devices, so we optimized the new Galleries to be mobile-first.”

When you set up HALO or Event Edition, you can select a delivery option between text message or email. Guests are then given the choice to enter their phone number or email, based on your preset, and receive a link to their photo immediately that takes them to the Gallery experience. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram sharing are all available from the Gallery photo booth app for iPhone web app.

Garnier branded gallery

We spent a lot of time improving the end-user Gallery experience for your guests, but we also made sure it was simple for our customers to set up and manage. Instead of having to do everything from the settings dashboard, you can make changes from your phone while viewing the Gallery as your guests see it. Catch any typos before your event goes live, tweak your title or hashtag, moderate photos without having to go into the settings.

Pigment mobile gallery

Galleries connect your photo booth to the world

The impact of Galleries become massive when you start networking multiple photo booths into one online experience. A single Gallery can stream photos from one or more activations happening in multiple locations at the same time. The Gallery connects and curates a rich media experience that brings people together for a rewarding and sentimental look at your event.

An example of this is the Austin Startup crawl, where six HALO’s were running simultaneously at different startups across the city. Talk about some fun photo booth ideas!

Is HALO right for you?

There are slick new features for everyone in the new Galleries. HALO comes into the picture when you need finer control over the viewing experience and aren’t satisfied with the clean, standard Simple Booth design.

For brands and agencies, HALO is the most inclusive, customizable brand experience and allows you to choose settings like background color, clickable top and bottom graphics of your choice, and the privacy setting.

Edit gallery screenshot

The real-time Gallery web app is updated with new images in real-time for both HALO and Event Edition. Hosting your images online allows for your guests to enjoy a rich media experience long after the last drink is poured and the backdrop is taken down.

Simple Booth is the leader in digital photo experiences. Ready to learn how HALO can help you grow your business?

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