Have you heard of selfie mirrors yet? A selfie mirror is a mirror that can also take your photo. Here’s why everyone is talking about them and what you need to know.

Where selfie mirrors came from

Selfies and mirrors have a deeply intertwined history together. In fact, the trend of taking selfies using mirrors dates as far back as the first digital cameras and smartphones. Since these early consumer devices didn’t have a front-facing camera, people would use the mirror to look at the screen while taking a selfie on the back camera.

It’s only natural that we now have a way to make the entire process seamless, and it’s called a selfie mirror.

Woman taking selfie with HALO

Now the term ‘selfie mirror’ is spreading like wildfire. You can start to find them at events, inside luxury homes and even in a few retail dressing rooms. Selfie mirrors have been making headlines ever since Twitter introduced the Twitter Mirror at high-profile, celebrity events. Celebrities take selfies on the Twitter Mirror and share instantly to their Twitter account, which helps keep people (and high profile celebrities) engaged with the platform.

Retail selfie mirrors are born

Some forward-thinking retailers such as Ralph Lauren are using selfie mirrors to create elevated, high-tech dressing room experiences. Their goal is to give customers the ultimate dressing room experience by providing the option for each guest to adjust the lighting to see how an outfit will look, capture and send a selfie to their friends, or to post on social media. The technology can even be used with augmented reality to help a customer complete an outfit or request additional sizes and colors without having to leave the dressing room.

Where can you get a selfie mirror?

Selfie mirrors come in all shapes and sizes. You may see them in a rectangular picture frame or centered in a beauty light. What you may not know is that most of them use iPads. That’s right, you don’t need an actual glass mirror to set up a selfie mirror. The iPad screen provides a digital preview in high resolution. This makes it easy for anyone to set up a selfie mirror or utilize them in scale with high reliability.

How is a selfie mirror different from a photo booth?

Photo booths have come a long way since the printed photo strip days. Now, what some may call a ‘selfie mirror’ is actually a modern photo booth, or ‘selfie station’.

Simple Booth HALO® is our compact, iPad-based solution that is revolutionizing photo booths and is the leading choice for companies seeking selfie mirror solutions.

Since then, we’ve introduced HALO hardware and built a platform around it that includes a consumer mobile app to view the photos you’ve made with Simple Booth at your favorite spots.

Small businesses such as Pigment, a boutique retailer in San Diego, use Simple Booth hardware and software to create innovative ways to promote their business, while providing a fun and unique experience for their guests.

Retailers are seeing huge results in their marketing efforts, from driving new and repeat foot traffic, to an increase in organic social media reach.

Download our case study to learn more on how Pigment uses HALO.

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