If you own a coffee shop, you probably have a few marketing tricks up your sleeve to bring in more customers. But have you ever considered adding a photo booth to your coffee shop?

Photo booths are an awesome marketing tool for coffee shops for several reasons. In this post, we’ll explain why and how you can use a photo booth to bring in more business.

What is a photo booth?

Before we dive into the reasons why coffee shops need a photo booth, let’s make sure we’re on the same page about what a photo booth actually is.

When most people think of a photo booth, they think of the traditional kind you find at a carnival or a wedding. You know, the ones where you sit on a stool, pull a curtain closed, and take a series of photos with your friends.

While traditional photo booths are still a lot of fun, modern photo booths are quite different.

Modern photo booths are portable, digital, and can be used anywhere. Simple Booth HALO® is our solution that can even be mounted on a wall for a minimal retail footprint.

It allows customers to choose their layout and take photos, GIFs, layouts, or Rebound videos (like boomerangs) that you can get instantly to your phone.

With a modern photo booth like HALO, you can easily get these photos and videos by text, email, or QR scan — then intuitively share them to social media.

Now, let’s talk about the benefits for coffee shops.

1. Social sharing

The most clear reason coffee shops need a photo booth is the social sharing factor.

It’s very hard to persuade customers to take a picture and share with signage alone, but when you provide a fun experience that’s ready to go, it becomes something entirely different. After customers take photos at your photo booth, they’ll be excited to share their photos with their friends.

They’ll be promoting your coffee shop and having fun while doing it!

2. Customer entertainment

Photo booths are a great way to entertain your customers, give them a reason to stick around, or even stop by for a selfie.

Your customers can use your photo booth to commemorate a coffee date with friends, show off their specialty drink, or just have fun being silly. They’ll love sharing the photos with their followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat!

The photos your customers take at your photo booth will be a lasting memory of their experience at your coffee shop. They’ll remember how much fun they had and want to come back for more.

3. Branding

All the pictures and videos can be easily branded with your logo and creative overlay, so you’ll earn branded impressions for everyone who views the photos online. But you can go beyond that and include branded ads in your photo gallery to drive more traffic to your website and store.

HALO includes numerous branding opportunities to make sure your business is front and center. When customers share their photo to social media, their friends will see it and may be inspired to check out your coffee shop themselves.

4. Social proof

The more photos you have of people having a great time at your coffee shop, the more social proof you have that your coffee shop is the place to be.

Social proof is a powerful marketing tool. It makes people feel like they’re missing out if they don’t check out your coffee shop for themselves.

5. Data capture

HALO can capture email addresses or phone numbers with a 90% opt-in rate. That means you can find out who your most loyal customers are and stay in contact with them after they leave the store. Then, bring them back sooner with a special offer, interesting tidbit, or request a review on Google or Yelp.

The best part? Your contact list will keep growing on it’s own while people are just having fun snapping selfies.

Get a photo booth

If you’re ready to get a photo booth for your coffee shop, we have a plan designed just for you. The sooner you have a photo booth, the sooner you can put your social media marketing on autopilot!

Order yours today and see everything that HALO® can do for you.