The photo booth industry is changing rapidly.

More people than ever are renting photo booths for their events. On the other hand, there are a lot of new photo booth rental companies entering the market, ready to compete for business!

So, how will you position yourself to stay ahead of the competition in 2019 and beyond?

Here are six ways to take the lead without compromising on price.

Provide the best service

Clients who care about great service are willing to pay more for a photo booth rental. They don’t want a commodity, they want a person they can trust and the peace of mind to know that everything will go well. That means everyone on your team being responsive, reliable and timely.

If you provide great service, you’ll never have to worry about a cheap $200 photo booth rental on Groupon from stealing your business.

Ask for client reviews

If you have happy clients, encourage them to review your business after their event. It’s as simple as asking! Get enough five star reviews and it will be obvious how great your service is to potential customers. If your competitors aren’t doing it, you’ll stand out even more.

Don’t price based on cost

If you work hard to be the best, charge like you are the best. Clients are not looking at your photo booths and trying to figure out how much each cost and whether your price is therefore “fair.”

They are looking at your website, your brand and customer reviews to make an emotional decision on whether or not they want you to be a part of their event.

Instead of lowering your price, consider raising it and reinvesting more into your website design and brand. If your price point and brand align, you’ll have a winning combination for high-end clients.

Be more than photo booths

You’ll have to be more than photo booth rentals if you’re going to appeal to a higher-end clientele. The problem with the word “photo booth” is that many people still picture the old-fashioned, boxy booths found in malls and arcades.

At Simple Booth, we’ve reinvented the concept of the photo booth. Modern photo booths are often sleek, sophisticated and high-tech.

To break stereotypes, try using more modern terminology. Here are a few of the descriptions we’re starting to see become more common:

  • Selfie station
  • Selfie pod
  • GIF booth

Are you targeting your service toward businesses? Consider branding yourself as a “photo experience agency” instead.

Sponsor local events

This can get tricky, but when done right it’s a great strategy.

Here are a few do’s and don’t for sponsoring events:

  • Don’t let yourself get wrapped into doing a lot of work for free
  • Don’t say you’ll sponsor anything without asking what sponsorship package they can provide
  • Do negotiate and make sure the sponsorship package is at least equal in value to your rental list price
  • Do make sure that your branding and website link is on the online gallery with every photo
  • Do use lead capture tools and send a follow-up email to everyone who used the booth

By following these rules, there is a good chance you’ll have a strong return on investment from your sponsorship. After all, every event is an opportunity for your next customer to demo your service in-person!

Capture great photos

10 years ago, the main takeaway from a photo booth was a small photo strip that you could put on your fridge or desk. Modern photo booths are more about capturing a great photo that can be instantly shared with friends, family or social media.

So how do you make sure guests capture great photos? Creative props and a beautiful background are a good place to start. But most importantly, any photographer will tell you that the number one key to a great photo is lighting.

Make sure your photo booth provides great lighting and your clients will love you for it!

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