We’re halfway through October and Halloween festivities are in full swing. Do you have your hands full planning the perfectly eerie event? Don’t stress! The Simple BOOth HALOween special ops team is here to help. In addition to the Halloween props and themes already included in the Simple Booth app, we’ve curated 20 haunting Halloween photo booth backdrops to use with your Simple Booth HALO®.

Trick or Treat Yo’ Self

Choose your favorites from the collection below and bring your Halloween photo booth backdrops from boring to bewitching. It only takes a few minutes to set up using the green scream feature on your Simple Booth HALO®.

Trick or treat photobooth prop

All of the images are completely free to use for both personal and commercial uses (no costly licensing necessary). Plus, you’re welcome to modify or customize any of them as you’d like.

Just right-click the images and select “Save As” to download the backdrops. We’ve already optimized the size to be used on the Simple Booth platform meaning there’s no editing or cropping required.

So, trick or treat yo’ self to as many of the backdrops as you’d like!

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Spook-taculary Scary Scenes

1. Have A Gourd Time

pumpkins in orange, white, yellow, lined up on shelves and ground

2. Frightfully Foggy Forest

motion blur tall trees in forest for halloween photo booth background

3. Dying To Have Fun

cemetery at sunset photo for halloween backdrop

4. Forsaken Forest

mystical forest at night with orange light glowing in the distance

5. Smoldering Skull

metallic skull on white photo booth background and fog

6. Mysterious Moon

black background with orange crescent moon

7. Creepy Cottage

creepy cottage in fall

8. Howl At The Moon

full moon photobooth background with trees on horizon


scary flock of birds flying through sky

10. Purranormal Cativity

black cat on black background

11. Creep It Real

3 hands on frosty old window to use as a creepy photo booth background

12. Witchful Thinking Wreath

halloween wreath on black chalkboard photobooth background

13. You’re Creepin’ Meowt

14. Ghastly Gaslight

eerie gas lantern hanging in foggy woods for green screen photo booth background

15. Spine Chilling Spiderweb

spiderweb with dew on orange forest background

Terrifying Textures and Petryfing Patterns

16. Skull and Bones

skull and crossbone patter for halloween photo booth background

16. Candy Colored Confetti

minimal photo booth background with orange, black, and white halloween confetti

18. Startling Spiders

array of black spiders crawling across white photo booth background

19. Eerie Embers

Embers flying through black sky halloween photo booth backdrop

20. Give Them Pumpkin To Talk About

Pumpkin patter for halloween photo booth backdrop

How To Setup A Green Screen Backdrop On The Simple Booth Halo Platform

The green s̶c̶r̶e̶e̶n̶ scream feature is available on all Simple Booth plans and is a breeze to customize. In the video below, Josh does a walkthrough of the entire process. It’s as simple as uploading your Halloween photo booth backdrops to the Simple Booth dashboard.

Step-By-Step Green Screen Backdrop Set Up

  1. Navigate to the App Presets tab in the Simple Booth dashboard.
  2. Open the event you want to add the backdrops to.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click the Chroma Key option to enable the green screen.
  4. Select the green screen background color (most commonly chosen is green)
  5. Upload your backdrop images.
  6. Open the Simple Booth app on your iPad and select your Halloween event
  7. Double-check the Chroma Key option is checked and the backdrops you’ve uploaded are there.
  8. That’s it! You’re ready to take a test shot or two. 👻📸

Having An Issue With Your Halloween Photo Booth Backdrops?

We’ve designed the Simple Booth platform to be user-friendly and intuitive to use. But in the off chance you’re running into an issue getting your green screen backdrops set up, here are two resources we recommend checking:

Halloween Backdrops, Overlays, & Props–Oh, My!

Just in case using a Halloween inspired backdrop with your Simple Booth wasn’t enough, take advantage of the props we’ve designed or add your own custom digital props.

In honor of Halloween, we made some especially spooky props. You can find them in the Simple Booth HALO app already. So, the only thing you’ll need to do to use these at your Halloween activation is to select them in the app.

Just navigate to the Props section in the Simple Booth HALO 2 app and click on Browse Packs–it’s outlined in red in the screengrab below and too the left.

On the next screen, select Halloween Party. Then you’re free to select as many as the props as you’d like.

The Simple Booth HALO 2 app has Halloween props preloaded into it.

Of course, the standard props included in the Simple Booth app could all work for Halloween too:

simple booth halloween props
No costume? No problem. Use Simple Booth digital props to dress up for your Halloween photo. Here’s just a small sample of what’s available–there’s even a special Halloween pack as well.

As always, you can add your logo or other overlays to your photos as well. It’s a great way to build brand awareness, plus it takes your social photography marketing strategy to all-new heights.

While you’re customizing your overlays, don’t forget to check out the Halloween themes we’ve created as well. They’re also available in the app. Browse through them in the Themes section and select your favorite.

The themes transform the start screen as well as provide an overlay on the images and GIFs.

Alright, we’ll leave you to it! #HappyHALOween from all of us at Simple Booth! 🎃👻

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