In the world of aviation, there’s a saying: “Aviate, navigate, communicate.” For the Kadena Air Base Weather Flight team, they might add, “And don’t forget to celebrate!”

Balancing a colossal $213M flying hour program and guarding a staggering $4B worth of assets, this hardworking team found an unexpected ally in their celebration strategy – Simple Booth’s HALO® photo booth.

Charting the course to event success

Kadena’s journey to HALO began on social media, where targeted Facebook ads piqued their interest. Yet, their true mission was to conquer their green screen compatibility challenges.

Enter Simple Booth’s green screen feature, which allows participants to select their favorite digital background image to insert behind them in pictures and videos. It worked perfectly for Kadena, generating positive feedback from guests and “excitement, intrigue, [and] amazement at the simplicity and cross-compatibility with green screen usage.”

However, it wasn’t just about the equipment and software.

The Kadena team praised Simple Booth’s exceptional service. “Over a few months, the Simple Booth team made every aspect of ordering equipment, troubleshooting, customization, and usage incredibly simple, easy, and effective.”

Simple Booth aims to provide this level of service for every customer that gives us the privilege.

Providing an on-target experience

HALO became an instant hit. At a festival attended by 75,000 people, HALO snapped legions of memorable photos, setting a new standard of quality for digital photo booths at US Air Force events. Other leaders even asked about how to order HALOs for their own teams.

To witness the HALO effect at Kadena Air Base, explore their gallery here.

Gearing up for takeoff

This story doesn’t run out of fuel after a single big event. Kadena plans to make HALO a fixture at a variety of upcoming events, securing its role as a vital asset in their event strategy.

The final verdict: “All future recommendations will be directed to Simple Booth.” The positive experiences leading up to, during, and after one of Kadena Air Base’s largest events solidified this choice.

Amidst everyday operational challenges, one thing shines clear: with HALO, every event soars into a realm of unforgettable memories.

Make your next event stand out with HALO, the modern photo booth platform.

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