For 53 years, the Arizona Opera has been inspiring hearts and minds through powerful, emotional storytelling. They’ve produced over 200 operas and concerts and stand as a beacon for the arts in the community.

In recent years, the Arizona Opera has been reimagining how to make the experience both on stage and off, more interactive and engaging.

When it came to the lobby, they brainstormed ways to offer a photo experience that people would love and share, while also being efficient and cost-effective for the opera staff.

That’s when they discovered Simple Booth.

The Vision

The Arizona Opera team had a vision for a modern, interactive photo experience that would be easy to access and share for both patrons and staff.

Most importantly, they wanted it to be visually stunning.

After months of research and planning, they landed on Simple Booth to take their lobby photo experience to the next level.

They realized that HALO, the flagship product from Simple Booth, could bring this vision to life while also significantly trimming their costs.

Now, the Arizona Opera is able to offer a modern and engaging photo experience in their lobby, for a fraction of the cost of their original solution.

It’s also easy for participants to access and share their digital photos with family and friends on social media.

Furthermore, Simple Booth’s green screen and creative customization options allow them to apply their artist talent and make the photo experience unique for each event. 

They also collect contact information from participants using the Data Capture feature, which makes voluntary email list sign-ups completely seamless.

The Experience

The Arizona Opera uses HALO in their lobby at select performances, and also for red carpet events.

“We wanted to continue offering photos in the lobby at our performances, but wanted to make it more of an interactive, modern, experience. We also wanted to cut the cost of our current lobby photos as well as make sharing the photos with our patrons, on social etc easy for both the staff and our patrons. Simple Booth helped us do all of these things!” 

– Ellen Hinkle, Interim Director of Marketing, Communication, and Public Relations

The benefits they’ve gained from using the Simple Booth Platform are significant.

Simple Booth provides the Arizona Opera with a comprehensive solution for their lobby photo experience, including:

  • A visually stunning, modern photo experience that patrons love.
  • A more efficient and cost-effective solution for the Arizona Opera.
  • The ability to offer far more customization options and fun with props.
  • Easy sharing to social media for patrons.
  • An effective way to capture leads and get more people into their email marketing list.

👉 See it in action: View the HALO online gallery for The Barber of Seville or The Sound of Music.

When we asked about a favorite feature in HALO:

“The ability for the patron to access their photo right away and share it. We love this feature because it makes it easier for the patron, but also saves us time. This also allows patrons to share the photo via social media which has helped with visibility.”

The Results

HALO has had a significant impact on the Arizona Opera’s marketing efforts.

In the first few events, patrons captured and shared over 1,400 photos with 10,000 confirmed views.

A single event often generates several hundred photos. This has given a strong boost in visibility for the Arizona Opera on social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

At the same time, the Arizona Opera also captured 1,000 email addresses, growing their email marketing list in order to stay in touch with patrons and drive future attendance.

These benefits will continue to add up as they leverage HALO at more events throughout the year.

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