Green screen can be a super fun and creative way to get people engaged. Here are 6 ideas to inspire your next photo experience!

Visit an exotic land

Yes please, I would like to play with kangaroos on the beach at sunset.

Teleport out of this world

Sometimes the other side of the globe just isn’t far enough for a get-a-way. We’re going to Mars!

Leave reality completely behind

Of course an agency like Sagmeister & Welsh would push a feature to its limits. Can you guess how they created this unique effect? 

Hint: they cut a hole in the backdrop.

Play with patterns

Patterns are so in right now. Must. Take. Selfie!!

Revisit your favorite era

Yearning for a simpler time instead of all this Insta-what anymore? Just think of green screen as your own personal time machine.

Just get weird

Come on, have some fun already. Grab a flamingo and let’s do this!

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