Pumpkin is a new pet insurance company focused on giving dogs and cats the best life possible. Pumpkin enables pet parents to provide their pets the most advanced medical care when they are sick or hurt and preventive care to help keep them healthy.

Pumpkin was launched in the midst of the early stages of the COVID crisis. As a mission driven company, Pumpkin helps support pet charitable causes. When they found out that Major Biden was going to the White House, it sounded like a fun opportunity to celebrate with a virtual event.

A partnership began

The team approached the Delaware Humane Association, the shelter that President Biden adopted Major from, to see if they were interested in co-hosting an event to raise funds for the shelter. From there, the concept for the Indoguration of Major Biden (which has since been trademarked) was born.

Virtual Booth landing page for the Indoguration of Major Biden

Initially, the goal for this event was to have 1,000 attendees and to raise $10,000. In the time of COVID, an in person event to accomplish the brand’s goals was not possible. The team knew that a virtual event would allow them to expand the opportunities for participation. Through the Indoguration celebration, Pumpkin had over 10,000 participants and raised $200,000 for the Delaware Humane Association.

Virtual Booth tied it all together

Simple Booth’s Virtual Booth provided a unique and memorable experience for all attendees. The platform created the opportunity for attendees to engage with each other, and that would not have been possible without using Virtual Booth. The ability to customize the branding throughout the experience for attendees really helped amplify Pumpkin’s brand.

“The ability to customize the branding throughout the experience for attendees really helped amplify Pumpkin’s brand.”

Virtual Booth helped attendees feel involved in the event by allowing them to see and engage with each other, including all of their pets in the celebration!

The dogs loved it 🐾

After the event, the Pumpkin team used the Virtual Booth photos to create a blog post as a recap to the event, featuring photos as another way to bring the memories from the event to life.

Virtual Booth was a great tool for a new brand to create widespread engagement with attendees through the social sharing options. This proved to be a great solution in creating connection between attendees and the event in a time when an in person event of this scale would not have been possible.

This case study was provided by Elizabeth Dimond, Head of Marketing at Pumpkin.

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