In the past, photo booths started and ended with a photo strip.

The story of a photo strip

Maybe you’ve had this experience…

You hit the town with your friends. As the night goes on, you squeeze into a rectangular box to take pictures. After a delay, two strips print out.

Your friend takes one and puts it in her purse. You take the other and put it in your back pocket, but somewhere along the way it slips out.

Your friend puts her copy on her fridge.

A few months later, it moves into a drawer.

A year later, she moves away and the photo strip goes into a box, never  to be seen again.

And the photo strip of you both–a treasured token of your friendship–is forever lost.

There’s a better way

At Simple Booth, we saw the potential for photo booths to be so much more in the modern age. For the last year we’ve been working to bring that vision to reality.

We’ve hired an amazing team. Designed beautiful products. Released software and shipped hardware that flawlessly integrates together.

Around the world, businesses are installing Simple Booth HALO® so friends can enjoy a curated photo experience together, using fun effects and getting photos instantly by text message instead of print.

Traditional photo booths for rent are being replaced with more compact, modern Simple Booth setups in all sizes.

Perhaps you’ve seen a do-it-yourself Simple Booth setup at a recent wedding or concert.

In fact, over 20,000 creatives around the world have set up a smash hit, drop-in photo booth replacement using our DIY photo booth app for iPad.

But today, much like the traditional photo strip, all of these photo experiences have been disconnected.

Today, that all changes.

Our mobile app connects your photos

We’ve launched the Simple Booth iPhone app to make photo booths a connected experience.

Simple Booth app empowers you to create, share and capture memories: from that cool club you visited in Miami, to the first half-marathon you ran, to the boutique where you always find that perfect outfit.

At its core, it is about enjoying shared experiences to the fullest.

Your own personal photo booth feed

Now when you take pics at a photo booth, they’ll never get lost. With a Simple Booth account, you can link the photos you digitally sent to your email and phone number. Revisit all the fun places you’ve been with your friends, anytime!

Discover new places through photos

There is so much creativity happening on our platform, and we want you to be part of it.

Now you can discover public Galleries that are nearby or happening in real-time across the globe.

View HALOs nearby and find the most fun place to visit right now. Or, get inspiration for your next party with all the ways people use Simple Booth with creative choices like backdrops, green screen and graphic overlays.

On the flip side, if you set up a photo booth at your destination or event, you can now use it as a way to engage with a larger audience.

Live GIFs animate the fun

It’s not a boomerang.

It’s not a video.

It’s a work of art.

Live GIF is a moving picture available only with Simple Booth.

When you capture a Live GIF you have only six frames, and less than a second, to do something fantastic.

Yet the possibilities are endless.

New AutoPic selfie technology

Have you ever struggled to take a clear selfie, especially at night?

Half the time it’s simply your thumb movement to press the shutter button that makes it blurry.

AutoPic solves this problem completely and makes it simple to take a sharp photo.

Just hold out your phone and as soon as your hand is steady, it takes a photo. No thumb press required.

Simple Booth is all about fun with friends

Try it today and find a friend to enjoy it with!

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