Walla Walla Community College (WWCC) discovered they could use Simple Booth HALO® to engage students and community members who wouldn’t otherwise participate.

It started with one event…

WWCC rented a photo booth for their leadership convention and everyone loved it. They wanted to recreate that same feeling of fun and excitement at every event, but the cost to rent every time was prohibitive. That’s when they discovered HALO.

…Then they expanded Across campus

Purchasing HALO allowed WWCC to bring the photo booth fun to more events. It quickly became an ice-breaker for those who didn’t know how to get involved. Students connected with each other simply by taking a photo together! The photos would get shared online and become a marketing tool for future events.

Here’s what they had to say about it

Don’t take our word for it. We asked Vince, WWCC’s Assistant Director of Campus Life, a few questions about how they are using HALO around campus so that more schools and institutions could replicate their results.

What problem were you trying to solve before purchasing Halo?

“At the time, we were hoping to make the events we were putting on more memorable. We had used a different style photo booth at a leadership convention and LOVED it. It was the focal point that night and everyone enjoyed using it. So we wanted to incorporate that feeling at our events. HALO provided an easier way to advertise which brought more students to events. It made a fun and easy way to capture memorable activities or events on campus.”

What did you find as a result of using HALO?

“HALO is something new and something you don’t see very often unless you are at a larger event usually. With this, people are really excited to use it and for memory’s sake, it’s great. You are only at WWCC for two years and for most, it goes by too fast. HALO increased our excitement around events. We are able to engage students no matter the age who wouldn’t normally engage with most of our activities or events. It also acts as an easy ice-breaker for those who don’t want to get involved or may not know how to get involved.”

What is your favorite HALO feature and why?

“Our favorite feature of the photo booth is that it instantly either prints or sends to the people in the picture via email, social media or text message. Also, how quick the process seems to be. These factors are helpful for when we have large events and many people in line waiting for their picture. But also everyone seemed to enjoy the instant memory-making and how everyone could take a souvenir home from the event. We also like the variety of layouts and displays you can use.”

What are 3 other benefits you’ve found using HALO?

“We have more than three…

1. Never gets old. You can participate when you want.

2. Effortless publication, the photo booth does the job of taking pictures of the students or people at an event and how happy they are to be there. Students and staff are excited to take a quick picture. The concept seems so different when the app is taking the picture instead of a person forcing you to say cheese.

3. It’s age-friendly, so it doesn’t limit itself to only being the “18-25 year old student.”

4. Helps advertise our events and student government within the school and community.

5. Helps connect students to each other.

6. More convenient than a larger scale photo booth.”

Why would you recommend HALO to a friend?

“It’s a great investment and not challenging to use (user friendly). If you plan to have multiple events, and are having a difficult time engaging an audience, this is a great place to start and a good investment. HALO is a simplified, more updated version of the old school photo booths that allow students to connect to each other and enhance the college experience.”

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