As the world’s leading live entertainment company, Live Nation Entertainment is devoted to the fan experience.

When a fan wants more than just a seat in the audience, VIP Nation, launched in 2011, delivers premium concert ticket packages and backstage experiences.

Every package is bespoke and curated for the artist and tour, offering first-class treatment, backstage memories, and “high-fives and selfies” with artists.

And many of those backstage memories powered by Simple Booth HALO®.

So why did VIP Nation choose Simple Booth?

The answer lies in the quality of our products and consistency of our deliverables.

“Before Simple Booth, we didn’t have a photo booth partner,” said Crystal Lafata DeStevens, Director of VIP Nation, who has been working at Live Nation for over 15 years and using Simple Booth for the last 7 of them. “We were using a basic iPad case on a tripod before but we really needed the light to make the photos look better, so we invested in the hardware and HALO ring light to make our photo booth experience shine.”

HALO made it smooth & consistent

Now, VIP Nation manages a fleet of Simple Booth HALOs, the signature hardware solution from Simple Booth backed by their best-in-class software solution.

“Simple Booth makes it consistent,” said Crystal, who’s now teamed with Simple Booth for the last seven years.

“The staff knows what to expect, what the photo booth will look like, how to set it up and the fans know how to use it. Easy.”

-Crystal Lafata DeStevens, Director of VIP Nation

She describes Simple Booth as “an affordable option we can use over and over again.”

Crystal appreciates that the hardware is portable yet sturdy, comes with high-quality lighting and the final output looks sharp. Part of that is the ability to brand every photo, with the overlay “making any environment look better,” she said.

One of the most important features to her is that she can manage issues or last minute changes remotely. With 130+ tours each year and growing, visiting cities around the country, and events often happening at night or on the weekend—being onsite to tweak things is impossible.

Simple Booth enables remote management of the booth through the web dashboard.

With Simple Booth powering the photos, Crystal knows she can enjoy peace-of-mind on a big Friday night with multiple activations happening simultaneously.

How HALO elevates the VIP experience

Setups can vary between tours. HALO is offered in the VIP lounge as a fun way for fans to capture selfies and stay entertained.

“Sometimes, there are additional activations happening in the room,” she said. “But everyone loves taking pictures and posting them. ‘Like, look what I’m doing—and you’re not. It’s an easy sell.”

Other times, it’s set up as a step-and-repeat for a photo with the artist. In that case, VIP Nation provides an attendant to help speed things along, since the artist is always under a time constraint before the show.

Upon request from the artist, they will sometimes also capture fan email addresses or other information, using the Simple Booth data capture feature.

All these fan selfies provide user-generated content for VIP Nation to promote their concert experiences.

“We use some of the photos from the photo booth, from the meet-and-greets, as social media posts. People are sharing it, posting it, hashtagging it,” Crystal said.

And the amount of content is substantial: VIP fans have enjoyed taking over 150,000 photos with HALO.

The Swiss Army Knife of photo booths

Simple Booth software and hardware delivers all the VIP Nation team needs for most creative requirements, from green screen background replacement to black-and-white glam effects. Oftentimes, it exceeds expectations.

For a recent tour, Crystal’s team needed to create a black-and-white glam booth effect with washed-out and flawless faces. “The HALO provided the perfect amount of light we needed to create what the artist’s team was looking for in the VIP Lounge.”

VIPs pose in the photo booth

Special effects or not, everyone appreciates premium lighting like the soft and flattering glow from the HALO ring light.

“We all appreciate being well-lit because it makes you look better,” Crystal said.

The fans also enjoy the different capture options available in HALO, from short video clips, to moving GIFs and still photos.

HALO is always a hit

Simple Booth’s versatility extends to all kinds of business use cases and fun events. In Crystal’s words, “Every party these days needs a photo booth. As long as it’s there, people are using it.”

Simple Booth is the proven industry leader in adding fun to events, unleashing creative opportunities, and bringing consistency to photo experiences.

Ready to discover how the HALO system can make upcoming events truly unforgettable?