Torrance Memorial Medical Center (TMMC) is a 600 bed hospital located in Torrance, California that consistently ranks as one of the world’s best hospitals.

As it happens, they’ve also been a Simple Booth customer for over six years.

Recently, we asked them to share their experience, because people want to know—what is a hospital doing with their own in-house photo booth?

It might seem surprising, but it makes sense once you understand the simple fact that it’s not for patients… it’s for employees. Specifically, the photo booth helps the HR team with employee engagement and recruiting.

“We’re able to display the fun events we have at the hospital, and through sharing photos on social media, we are able to recruit new hires to join our fun and engaged team.”

Monique Frazier, Director of the Human Resources at TMMC

Here’s their story.

The Challenge

TMMC’s Human Resources team was looking for an easy way to capture photos from employee events and share them online. They frequently host company events including fitness challenges, costume contests, employee appreciation weeks, holiday parties, and more.

A professional photographer for every event often doesn’t fit in the budget for HR teams, and even when it does, it’s not always the best way to capture candid moments at events. It can be hard to wrangle people up for group photos, and oftentimes people aren’t able to see how the photo turned out or get ahold of it for sharing until much later.

That’s because professional photographers usually don’t get the photos back to HR until after the event. The images are a great way to showcase that the medical center is a wonderful place to work for potential employees, but by the time they’re available to share, the initial excitement has passed.

Motivating participants to share photos after-the-fact with their social networks can feel like a lost cause.

The Solution

With the Simple Booth HALO® app, the HR team at Torrance Memorial Medical Center is able to provide a simple, branded experience that employees love to interact with. Employees can gather for their own group pictures at the event, take as many as they want, and receive them instantly to their phones for easy sharing.

Being able to quickly view and share the photos is the key to success. Once employees start sharing the photos, it becomes a viral loop. Capturing photos is both a fun activity and a promotional tool.

The HR team can access the public gallery in real-time at the event, as well as immediately after. They can share it online, link to it in an email, or use them in presentations to show internal stakeholders how successful the event was.

The best part? The HALO photo booth basically runs itself. When the HR team is setting up for an event, they just have to put the HALO in a good spot, plug it in, turn it on, and employees take care of the rest!

The app continues taking photos as long as the team needs it to. There’s no need to pay a photographer to stay overtime, let alone hire and coordinate a photographer in the first place.

Another win is the ability to share HALO with other departments to use in celebrating their own special events. Monique Frazier, the Director of the Human Resources department, said “We’re really excited about the HALO. Managers can now reserve the HALO for their scheduled events at the hospital, so we’re looking forward to that.”

The team at Torrance Memorial Medical Center also loves the way they can customize the logo on the photos to brand the experience and create a personalized memento that employees will love to share.

The Outcome

HALO has been a cost-effective and fun way to capture the moments they wanted while staying in compliance with privacy and HR policies. Finally, the hospital can make sure to capture the most important moments and share them with employees as they’re happening.

To see what it’s all about from a couple of their past galleries, take a look at Tour De Breakfast or I Got Vaccinated.

“The staff love it!” said Monique Frazier in our interview, “We’re able to display the fun events we have at the hospital, and through sharing photos on social media, we are able to recruit new hires to join our fun and engaged team.”


One key takeaway from Torrance Memorial Medical Center’s success is the ability of the HALO to be a self-serve and viral marketing tool. It’s a great way to create a lot of fun for your employees and amplify that fun online with all the photos you’ll capture.

Not to mention, it’s a cost-effective solution for capturing photos at any event. Simple Booth HALO® hardware is available for purchase, and the software subscription pays for itself many times over.

HALO is a powerful marketing tool that can attract new customers, employees, and guests to your business or event. It’s also a great way to keep your employees excited, engaged, and promoting your positive work environment to their networks.

Your next best hire might just come from the photo booth.

Ready to level-up your internal events and recruit through social media like Torrance Memorial Medical Center?