With nearly three out of four Americans owning a smartphone, foot traffic in brick-and-mortar retail locations has seen a sharp decline. For many retailers to be successful and stay in business, they are being forced to find a way to combine the digital world of online sales and the real world to keep patrons active with their business. Retailers need to find new ways to feed the growing desire to deliver the ultimate customer experience, or risk going out of business altogether.

The rise of mobile devices has ensured retail will never be the same. Companies must deliver a new customer experience or risk falling into the retail chasm.

Increasingly, retail chains both small and large are heading down the same path: deciding whether to keep all locations open or scale down in order to focus their strategy and grow with the demanding internet and mobile sales channels. Some of these chains include major retailers like Macy’s, JCPenney, Sears, Nordstrom and Barnes and Noble.

Before we hit the panic button we want to be clear. Brick rick-and-mortar retail isn’t coming to an end. While online sales will continue to grow, so too will the experience economy. If retailers and marketers can strategize how to best blend the shopping experience with the digital world that consumers crave, we believe it could in fact save the retail industry.

Marketers and executives need to really think like experience architects now.

Savvy marketers are shifting focus toward building experiences, not just brands. Since Millennials are quickly becoming the main target audience for companies, now is the time for marketers to take the leap, with a primary focus on the personalization and interaction between human and a company.

At Simple Booth, we’ve seen many retailers, such as Pigment, use our custom photo booth app, HALO, to grow their in-store customer experience while simultaneously drawing in new foot traffic via social media. Having HALO for a digital photo booth creates a fun in-store activity, while delighting and engaging customers-and ultimately keeping them in the store longer. Watch the video below to see how Pigment uses Simple Booth and download their case study to learn more.

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